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🌎THE WORLD OF MINECRAFT🌎 (Kinda fiction)

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There's always a beginning sometimes it's so horrible that you can't forget it but sometimes it's so beautiful that you wish you lived to see that day well there was a beginning in minecraft that was beautiful but become that horrible.

long ago there was just a flat plain flowers had spawned and a couple of dumb sheep and pigs and cows.but one day a player had joined the game.there where no trees so the player used cheats to get wood.but underneath all of this there was a cave that was plain but then bats started spawning when the player used another cheat to be able to fly a black block has spawned with a zombie in it.that night when the player went in his house a bunch of zombies had spawned.the world that was once peaceful and perfect had been destroyed because of the player that had used cheats.the player did not know why all of a sudden zombies had spawned and never thought about the cheats he'd been using.so he used a cheat to send them back under ground.the world became beautiful again and grew a new biom full of oak and birtch trees.the more the player used cheats the more biomes grew now there where spruce trees everywhere a jungle in the distance and a swamp right by the plain.the world could not take this all it had to make a balance so skeletons started spawning so did spiders creepers and witch huts with more then one witch.after the player killed so many monsters he cheated again to kill all of the monsters but instead of fixing the world it made it worse everything died and the nether was made.a nether portal had spawned right in front of the player and ghasts,zombie pig men,magma cubes,blazes,wither skeletons,and worst of all the wither.it destroyed everything in its path the player was
forced to stop it with a cheat but that just made it worse.one day the player heard a rour from out side his home he went out fully armed and there she flew by the most strongest mob of all the ender dragon was killing everything in its path.the player was about to cheat but realized that that was the problem so he was forced to use his sword and kill the dragon.after word he destroyed the portals and re planted and built everything that was destroyed and never used cheats again. And now the world of minecraft is beautiful but with darkness on the other side. THATS THE STORY OF THE WORLD OF MINECRAFT THANKS FOR READING-CREEPER WOMAN
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