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Diary of a girl

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avatar Miss_Minecraft_Puppy
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. December 21st
i have just been out hiking with my father we saw lots of birds.my favorite was the blue jay it was beautiful.now I'm sitting in the shade of an old oak tree after riding my horse.if you must know I live on a farm and yes it's very cold but the oak tree leaves look like crystals hanging from the tree branches.oh ya the bird thing was not out side we went to an indoor zoo with birds flying freely.and if you must know I'm Lucy cellser and I'm un popular at my school I'm called yippie Lucy yay like yippie yi yay but with my name in it.brrrrr oh my dads calling me come on super bye diary.ps super is my horses name.
December 31st
im at school right now at lunch.oh no the cool girls are coming.they said hi yippie ugh you know my nick name.then they sat at the other table luckily they did not see you.im in my class room I'm done doing everything now and it's almost the end of the day.oh no the most popular girl in my class sid just talked to me.she asked me to join the nerd club because my head is always stuck in a book but most of the time it's stuck in this diary.im in the car and I'm on my way home.my dad just told me change of plans were going to see the movie I really want to see it's called Love story.its about this girl who is in a love triangle she loves her friend mickayla and she also loves the guy mickayla likes it's so awesome.just finished the movie it's like twelve o'clock so I have to go to bed bye.

January 6th
its nicer out and the tree still has ice all over it.but sadly my diary is getting full I will not have room till I get a new book.anyway it's like six in the morning and I'm already at the tree.yesterday I went to Mexico and yes I missed school yay.i have no school today too because well I'm not sure why my dad just said I have no school today.i have just arrived at the library and I got three books.the tales of dragons,the tales of wolfs,and the tales of unicorns.well this is my last page so I better tell you about the week.on Monday we went to Mexico and ate really spicy food I can still taste it but it was really good.aw I can't remember the rest I'm sorry well bye I hope I can find another book to continue my diary well good bye for quite a few days.

leave a diamond if you liked this story please be one of my subs thank you. Hope you injoyed my story.

05/04/2017 6:47 am
Level 26 : Expert Unicorn
I did not have time and it's not a diary of a wimpy kid spoiler things get better but as for Greg it does not there are many stories that are like diarys and I say this is one of them
05/02/2017 3:57 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Lemon
felix toothbrush
Eh I like the idea but isnt this ripping off Diary Of A Wimpy Kid?
Its a good story and all but I meann
Cant judge a book by three paragraphs ^^~
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