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Easy tips for minecraft survival

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Tip #1 so you have a house but no bed or you have no house you can make a moat around you it should be at least two or three blocks away from you and make sure the moat is all around you the reason it's three or two blocks away from you or your house is because of the creepers.when it turns morning the zombies or the skeletons will burn.just in case of spiders and skeletons build a little dirt fort around you because the skeletons will shoot you and in the morning they burn and the spiders can clime out of the moat and are harmless in the morning unless you hit it.

Tip #2 build a wall around yourself it does not matter what you use and if you already have a sword you won't need the top of it but if you don't you might have problems with spiders.also stay away from the wall just In case of creepers.

Tip #3 if your mining and you Dug to far and it's night you would be dead for sure if you went back up so...build a stone house in the middle of the cave make sure your pickaxe can dig a little more so you can make a two block hole to get out also bring torches and some wood if you need to make a crafting table to make some more torches also bring a bed so you don't have to wait all night.

Tip #4 so your mining and you fall in lava all your hard work is gone.to avoid that bring a water bucket and if you don't have one lava gives off light and caves are usually dark so you would see the light but if your breaking the number one rule in minecraft never dig straight down you might need a water bucket try to get to a lava free place in the cave and put a lava bucket right below you or if the lava is not deep you can just use it in the lava.

Tip #5 last tip your out at night and your surrounded by zombies or skeletons build up with any blocks and make sure it's high enough so the skeletons can not shoot you.if there are spiders close by build at the top not a shelter just a long and wide floor.if it's morning and creepers are close by your tower just build a little path WHILE CROUCHING,you don't want to fall off,and Then build a stare case down to get down safely.
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