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Examples of beautiful houses in Minecraft

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Again, the concept of a beautiful house is rather vague. Some people want to have a compact house on the bank of a river, others want a huge castle. In this reality of the variety of materials and users own taste, its hard to choose the right options, but our choices are relatively universal.

Medieval Home

Как сделать дом в майнкрафт

These types of houses are common among players who prefer to combine functionality and aesthetics. Such structures are difficult to assemble, because their construction requires combining different resources. However, the result will pleasantly surprise not only the builder, but also other users of the server.


Как сделать дом в майнкрафт

There are many variations of the construction of such shelters: from simple minimalistic solutions to futuristic collection buildings. Thus, each player can show his creative flair. The main purpose of the tree house is to provide excellent protection from the creepers that come out at night to hunt and cause irreparable damage to the user's buildings.

Beach Villa

Как сделать дом в майнкрафт

The main advantage of such houses is a combination of protective functionality and aesthetic component. Do not forget about fishing, which is well developed in minkraft, and the house on the shore will allow you to engage this mechanism. Hatches, bright lights, wooden and stone columns are often used as decorations on such houses.

Suburban Home

Как сделать дом в майнкрафт

Distinguished by the fact that it uses the internal free space to the full. The house can accommodate a lot of rooms with different purposes. The structure will not look massive and will not attract extra attention, which is important for the game on online servers.


Как сделать дом в майнкрафт

A structure that intrigues at first sight. You will never guess what the author of such a construction can place inside. If we talk about the exceptional sides of the castle, it is a good defense, internal and external space in terms of placement of additional buildings, elegant design, arising from the scale of the structure. Of the minuses: it requires appropriate knowledge and a large stock of resources, due to which it is not easy to create such an architectural marvel in survival.

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