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Expedition: Amazon

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avatar Bentley1922
Level 27 : Expert Demolitionist
The year was 1909. A shipwreck caused a lone man named Daniel Morton to be marooned on the shore in the Amazon Rainforest! Five years later, Daniel Morton made the jungle his home. Suddenly, he was discovered by the natives! Eight years later, in 1922, a clumsy man named Finley Morton was running his usual custodial rounds at the Smithsonian when he got a telegraph from a mysterious tycoon named James Marsh. James Marsh wanted to help Finley find his father, Daniel. However, Finley disregarded the telegraph. That night, he went home to find a note taped to the door that said "Dear Finley Morton, Speaking on behalf of James Marsh, I have an offer that you can't refuse. Meet me at the mansion on 31st street at 8:30 PM. Sincerly, Patricia Mason." The next day at 8:30 PM, Finley Morton found himself knocking at the door of the mansion on 31st street. A brown haired woman in a black dress awnsered the door. Finley Morton gave her the note that he found on his door. And she said "come inside, we've been expecting you". She then led him down a corridor to an elevator. The woman then introduced herself as Patricia Mason. The elevator stopped at the 7th floor. Finley was intrigued when he found out that James Marsh knew his uncle. James Marsh got up out of his fireside chair and introduced himself to Finley. The deal he proposed was an expedition through the Amazon Rainforest to find Finley's missing father. Three days later, Finley found himself boarding a ship to South America! A moment later, he was approached by one of James Marshes collegues. The man was dressed in a U.S. Marines olive drab dress uniform. He asked "are you sure that you are on the right ship?" When Finley Morton introduced himself to the man it turned out that the man was Commander Joseph Bentley, the commander of the expedition. He and his soldiers soon moved out to the exit ramp on the ship. They had arrived in South America! Finley, confused as always, asked one of the soldiers for directions. The soldier turned out to be Lt. Patricia Mason. She told Finley to follow the soldiers. One week later, Commander Bentley had lost one hundred and fifty of his men to diseases, animal attacks and poison darts fired by the natives. The next day, Finley Morton and five soldiers were chopping their way through the jungle with machetes. At that very moment, they came across a camp belonging to a tribe of natives. The soldiers introduced themselves to the natives and said "we come in peace, do not fear." They were soon taken to the cheif by his daughter, Princess Juna. However, when they arrived at the kings throne, Commander Bentley ordered his men to form a firing line. And he told Finley that they weren't looking for his missing father, but were actually mercenaries out to steal the cheif's secret treasure. Commander Bentley shot the king and ordered his men to take all of the gold and capture Princess Juna for sale on the black market. He knocked Finley out cold. When finley awoke the soldiers were gone and the village was raided. Finley quickly sprang into action and left with some tribal warriors to save the princess or die trying! A battle soon ensued with Commander Bentley and his men and Finley and his band of tribal warriors. In the end fourty nine mercenaries were killed (including Patricia and Bentley). And only six tribal warriors were killed. Finley and Juna were married and lived happily ever after. The fate of Daniel Morton is still unknown to this day.

Character List:

1. Finley Morton, A clumsy poindexter who works at an ancient history museum.

2. Daniel Morton, father of Finley Morton who went missing in the Amazom in 1919.

3. James Marsh, a wealthy tycoon and an old friend of Daniel Morton.

4. Patricia Mason, the second in command to Joseph Bentley. She is considered to be a "femme fatale".

5. Commander Joseph Bentley, the commanding officer of the Red Triangle mercenaries.

6. Princess Juna, the amazon princess and love intrest of Finley Morton.

7. Amazonian Tribal Cheif, the father of Princess Juna.

8. Mercenary Soldiers, Commander Joseph Bentley's henchmen.

9. Tribal Warriors, the protectors of the tribe and guardians of the kings secret treasure.
CreditBased on Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Tarzan

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 10/17/2018 7:16:54 pmOct 17th, 2018

-Added character list

-Minor changes to fix plot holes in the story.

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09/02/2018 6:27 am
Level 33 : Artisan Warrior
the picture looks really fantastic!!!!!!!!
i'm still looking at the picture with my jaws dropped

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