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Factions - A Guide

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Factions - A Guide by NokEric

A big problem Io ve seen through out the many faction servers that Io ve played on is players not knowing how to play. This makes factions very easy for the even slightest experienced player. Today, I will teach you how to easily become the most powerful faction in the whole server. No hacks required.

1.) Joining a Server

As soon as you join the server, learn the rules. You cano t play if youo re banned. Once you read all that gobbledy gook, head into the wilderness. Be careful, because every time you die you lose power. Power is a huge necessary thing, if you lose it, you will fail. Every time you die, you lost more and more power, and you need power to claim land. Claiming land will protect the land from other peopleo s grubby hands.

So as you delve into the wilderness, chop down a few trees. A stack of wood will do fine. Once you have the wood, craft yourself a wooden shovel, and a wooden pick. Then, dig straight down. In all of the servers that Io ve played on, I have only fallen once into lava while digging down. It was a downer, but all I had was wood.

2.) Getting the Goods:

As you dig down, craft yourself stone tools. A sword and an axe areno t needed right now, so dono t worry about that. Continue to dig down until you reach bedrock. Down there, youo ll have good chances of finding the minerals you need, and quick. Dig strip mines, all around. If you find diamonds, good, but theyo ll have no use yet. Youo ll have to get iron first, which youo ll also find if you dig around a bit more. For me, if Io m lucky, I have diamond and iron stuff in 10 minutes. If Io m not so lucky, maybe 20-25 minutes. It will be worth it, diamond armor and tools gives you one more advantage then the other players.

3.) Getting a Base:

Once you suit up, and can defend yourself, you must create a faction. /f create is the command. Come up with a cute name, maybe Fluffy Munchers or something. Once you have the faction, you can do /f desc to change your description if you really care about that. It makes your faction look fiercer, so yeah.

Build a little cranny deep down near the bedrock. Cobblestone and doors will do fine for now, it dono t have to be pretty. Once you have the nice little hide out. Type /f claim. That will claim the chunk around you. Run around your little base making sure every single block is claimed. For another safety measure, dig around the outer wall, making sure that ito s claimed there too. Now you have a sweet little protected hide out. Hopefully, if you didno t die, you have 10/10 power. With that 1 claimed land you have 10/10 power, and 1/10 claimed land. If you lose less power then claimed land, for example -6/10 power, and 5/10 claimed land, people can over claim your land and take all your hard work. Those bastards!

4.) We need more Power!

Just so none of that happens, and your faction gets more power, you need another faction buddy! Another problem I noticed while playing, is that people invite random people! You cano t trust people you dono t know, so invite a good friend of yours onto the server. Make sure heo s smart, and knows what you do. /f invite is the command to invite him. That will give you 20/20 power, so your faction has a bit more back bone. Type /f sethome to set the home of your faction. That will make it easy for you and your buddy to get back to H.Q.

5.) Fighting other Factions:

Now that youo re in the competition, and other factions are trying to murder you, youo ll have to face other people. Normally, when you have to confront someone, you run like hell. But if you have a chance at murdering them, go for it. Make sure to have your friend with you, for back up. Now dono t be an idiot, if theyo re even slightly stronger then you, theyo ll whoop your ass. My advice is to stay away from anyone and everyone. Stick to yourself, and youo ll be okay in this department. If you build your base deep underground, less people will run into you.

6.) Over All

Over all, you just need common sense. A good leader is what is needed to run a good faction, and if youo re up for the job, there you go. Think before you do, and dono t be stupid. This is just a simple outline; a real guide would be super detailed, and super long. If you follow your steps, you will become the strongest faction on the server. You will learn along the way, and that will certainly help. For extra in-game help, type /f help. That will give you a list of commands.

Hopefully you find this guide useful. This is exactly what I do when I first join a faction server. And every single server that Io ve played on, Io ve come out on top. Good luck, and remember, A successful faction needs a successful leader.

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