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Five Night's At Freddy's Multiplayer + Events[BedRock] -Blog

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This Minecraft Map Will be called Five Nights At Freddy's Multiplayer. This map is something ive wanted to work on for a while now and now its finally happening.

Events or PvE: There will be a map with events meaning that you and your friends will surive one night with animatronics. until 6am. There will be a power system put into the game and a timer system.

PvP: There will be a PvP system as well. Someone will play as an animaonic and another will play as the Night Gaurd. The Night Gaurds job is to survive until 6am. when the power runs out or if an animatronic gets into your office your round ends and animatronics win. however if The Night Gaurd survives then that means that the Night Gaurd wins.

Game Machenics for PvP:

Night Gaurd: Will be givin A Camera System. The Night Gaurd must check the Camera's to Keep eye on the Animatronics. The Night Gaurd will be Givin a door button and a light button. howeer if the Night Gaurd Looses then the game ends and the animatronic wins.
Five Night's At Freddy's Multiplayer + Events[BedRock] -Blog

Freddy Fazbear: He is Slow walker. and he wont attack until a few minuets after everyone else wakes up. close he door to get rid of him

Abilites: He Has a Voice Ability. When used he can disoriate the Night Gaurd for a few seconds.

Five Night's At Freddy's Multiplayer + Events[BedRock] -Blog

Bonnie The Bunny: Is Faster than freddy and Chica and can be easy to oose on the Camera System. close the door to get rid of her

Abillites: Bonnie has a Rock Ability. When used it will stop the Night Gaurd From using the camera's for a few second's
Five Night's At Freddy's Multiplayer + Events[BedRock] -Blog
Chica The Chicken: She is Faster than Freddy but slower that Bonnie. close the door to get rid of her

Abilites: She has a cupcake Ability. When used she can give a sneak abiliy to all the animatronics. meaning that they can go invisiable for 5 second
Foxy The Pirate Fox: He is faster than the animatronics. however foxy takes a while to activate. Close the door to get rid of him

Abilities: He has a run ability. He can run at a very fast speed for a small amount of time.

Golden Freddy: He can appear in the office a random. Flip up your monitor to make him go away.

Abilities: He has a blinding abilities. He will Blind the Night Gaurd for a few seconds.

Game Machenics for PvE/Events: In this mode it will be the Night Gaurd(s) agaisnt the AI Animatronics. Surive until 6 am.

Power Outage: When the power gose out go to the generator room and turn it back on to restore poswer however you will only get 50% of that power back.

Secrets: There are secrets around the map. unlocking them can make things happen.
CreditAddon Belongs to Dany Fox

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