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  Phoebe liked one type of place in the world more than any other thing. She liked graveyards. While other girls went to parties and hung out with friends at the mall and learned musical instruments, Phoebe kept to herself, learned fencing, and hung out with the ghosts at the graveyards.
  While all the other girls had tons of friends, Phoebe had none. All because of her power. It scared the others away from her, because no one wanted to be friends with someone who spoke with the dead on a regular basis. And Phoebe was perfectly fine with the arrangement. She had her own friends, the ghosts.
  Damon hated one type of place in the world more than any other thing. Graveyards. They were strange and dark places haunted by the ghosts of the dead. Which is why he avoided them at all costs. But he wouldn't be able to avoid those places and the things he feared most forever.
  Picture it. A normal day. The sun was shining. Birds were chirping. And Damon had to go to school. He slammed his fist against the alarm clock and sighed.
  "Damon! You're going to be late!" his mother called from down the hall. Damon loved his mother, probably more than anything in the world. He got up and threw on his school uniform. Then he went down the hall to get his breakfast.

  Meanwhile, Phoebe was already at school. She had woken up early, as she always did, and wanted to get there before the other students. This day something bad will happen, she thought. Phoebe shoved her backpack into her locker, then walked off to her first class. If she was lucky, she wouldn't have to deal with the other girls this morning.
  "Yes Murray?" The boy floated along in the air beside her. Murray had died over fifty years ago in a fire when he had been twenty, and had been the first friend of Phoebe's since she discovered her powers. There was always some playful banter going between them, though they had both learned not to talk during class.
  "I know you have your silly class about how to hit people with metal sticks," he said cheerfully. "But can't you skip today?" The other students began to fill into the classroom. Phoebe took out her notepad and set it on her desk.
  "I'll think about it Murray,"
  Damon was late. Again. He quickly ran into the classroom and jumped into his seat. The teacher didn't notice. In the back of the classroom, the weird girl was chatting to herself again. Everyone said that she could see ghosts, but Damon didn't believe in the supernatural and so he didn't believe them. Damon must have been staring, because the girl paused and looked straight at him. He turned his head and stared down at his desk.
  "Psst, Damon!" he looked up. His friend, Michael, tossed a wadded up piece of paper at him. Damon unfolded the paper and read the note.
  Will you be free after school? Y/N. Damon circled his answer and tossed it back. When the teacher had his back turned, Michael threw the paper ball back at him.
  Wanna play basketball? He looked at Michael and nodded. Then he sat back in his chair. Today was going to be a good day.

  It was Phoebe's least favorite time of day. Lunchtime. She went and picked up the mundane school food she had been given and headed over to her designated spot. Once, several years ago, a student had died sitting at that very table after choking on a grape. Now, no one would even go near it.
  Except her. She found that the girl who had choked was very nice. Unless you had grapes. Phoebe looked down at her lunch tray, picked up the grapes, and silently plopped them on another student's lunch.
  "Wait, where did these grapes come from?" Phoebe smiled and sat down.
  "Hola Phoebe," Rosa floated to her and sat down across from her. "How are you today?"
  "Fine," Phoebe replied. Rosa was the ghost you could trust to listen to you and find you answers for all your problems. Exceptionally math. Out of the corner of her eye, Phoebe could see the boy who had been staring at her in class. He and his friend passed the table, and for a moment, he stared at the spot where Rosa was sitting.
  "Dude, what are you looking at?" He shook his head.
  "Nothing," Phoebe and Rosa shared a look.
  "I think he saw you,"
  For a second, Damon swore he saw another girl sitting with the weird one. Then he blinked and she was gone.
  "Dude, what are you looking at?" Michael asked him.
  "Nothing," The weird girl stared off into space where he thought he had seen another girl. He and Michael wandered off to sit with all there other friends. They were having a heated conversation about magical grapes.
  After lunch, Damon went off to use the bathroom before the next class. When he got there, the girl was waiting for him.
  "You saw Rosa," she said, blocking the door. "How did you see her?"
  "Who's Rosa?"
  "The ghost," she said. "The one who choked on grapes,"

  Damon just stared at Phoebe. "Who's Rosa?" he asked. Phoebe rolled her eyes.
  "The ghost," Phoebe told him, "The one who choked on grapes," Phoebe waited for his answer. She had been the only one she knew who was able to see ghosts her entire life, and now there was someone else who could see them too. She wanted answers.
  "I don't know what you're talking about," he said to her.
  "But you saw her!" The boy shoved past her.
  "I can't see ghosts like you, weirdo!" He slammed the bathroom door behind him.
  "What was that about?" asked Murray.
  "Which graveyard do you want me to meet you at?" Phoebe asked him.
  After school, Damon was told that his father was waiting to pick him up. Which was odd, because today was a Tuesday and he normally went to his dad's house on the weekends. But if his dad was picking him up, it probably meant that he would be able to hang out with Michael today.
  "Hey Michael,"
  "Yeah? Ready to play some basketball?"
  "Turns out I can't today, sorry," Michael shrugged.
  "We can play tomorrow," Damon nodded and walked to the pick up zone. His dad was waiting in the car. Damon threw his backpack in the trunk and hopped in shotgun. His dad didn't start the car.
  "What is it?" Damon asked. His dad was normally quite energetic.
  "I don't really know how to tell you this," he said. He looked into Damon's eyes.
  "What?" Damon asked, more concerned. Why was he so sad? And why wasn't...oh. Damon understood.
  "Your mother is dead,"

  Phoebe pedaled over to the Rosemill Graveyard. This was the graveyard where most people were buried these days, so there were always new souls to talk to. It was also where Murray and Rosa's bodies had been buried when they died, so their ghost forms were easier to see there. It was the graveyard she went to the most as well.
  She arrived and said hello to the undertaker, leaned her bike against the iron gate and walked up the hill to the great big oak tree that held it's place in the middle. Murray walked up to her when she got there, and by his side was an elderly ghost.
  She must have lived a good long life, Phoebe thought.
  "Hello Phoebe," Murray said. "This is my grandniece, Ariel,"
  "Hello," I said, "Nice to meet you," Phoebe sat down under the big tree as more and more ghosts came up to her and said hello. She knew each one by name.
  "Hey Thompson, hey Hannah," she said. "Wait, where's Freya?"
  "Over here!" Freya shouted from behind the ghosts. The new souls studied Phoebe. Did she really see them?
  "Hey newbies, what are your names?" And thus Phoebe's friend group grew.
  It was the next day, and Phoebe had promised Murray she would visit him again. She tossed her backpack against the wall and trudged up the hill. Murray's grave was located near the top of the hill, and it provided a nice view of the graveyard. It also was a nice seat for Phoebe. Sometimes they would talk, and other times they would just sit there and stare out over the town.
  "So how was school?" Murray asked Phoebe.
  "You gotta tell me more than that," A group of sad looking people came into the graveyard, and went around to the other side of the hill.
  "I ate a grape while Rosa wasn't looking,"
  "You little rebel," They sat there in companionable silence. "Some new ghosts came in this morning,"
  "I know, I saw them on the way up," Phoebe adjusted her position. "The boy I told you about yesterday, his mom died,"
  "The one who saw Rosa?"
  "Yeah. He's right behind us,"

  Damon wandered among the graves. He didn't want to see his mother's grave. Off in the distance, he could see two people sitting next to each other. And then there was only one. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. Was that the weird girl? He decided to go up and talk to her. She could see ghosts, couldn't she revive them too? Damon walked up behind her.
  "He's right behind us," She said. Us? She was all alone. Then she patted the grave she was sitting on. "Come sit down,"
  "Is it okay too...sit on that?"
  "Is it okay Murray?" Silence. "He says you can sit," Damon looked around and then sat down.
  He and the girl sat there in silence. Not an awkward one, but a nice one. Damon looked off into the distance. Soon he would be leaving this town.
  "What was her name?"
  "Your mother's name, what was it?" Why did this girl, who he didn't really know, want his mother's name?
  "Alice," The girl nodded.
  "A pretty name," Then she stood up and left.
  Phoebe and Murray went looking for Damon's mother. Murray shouted her name a couple of times, but she didn't come. They went to her grave.
  "Ms. Alice?" Murray asked, sticking his head through the dirt.
  "AAAH! Who the heck are you!" a female voice shouted. Phoebe smiled. Apparently, she didn't know about ghosts.
  "The name's Murray. Why don't you come out?"

  Damon was left by himself. Why did the girl just leave him? Damon gazed out over the town. Soon it would be time to go pack up his things.
  "Damon?" He knew that voice. It was the voice of someone he had loved.
  I'm hearing things, Damon thought, She's dead now,
  "Damon?" He turned around, expecting to see nothing.
  Damon couldn't believe it. His mother was standing right there in front of him. The strange girl leaned against a gravestone, staring hard at the place where his mother stood, in deep concentration. Damon wanted to rush up and hug his mother so badly, but something told him that he couldn't.
  "I-I don't believe it," Damon said. "How is this possible?"
  "I don't know sweetie, you'll have to ask your friend," Damon looked at the girl, then back at his mother, who's image was fading.
  "I never got to tell you how much I really loved you," Damon told her. His mother smiled.
  "Well, now you have," And her image faded away. The girl fell to her knees.

  Someone was shaking Phoebe's shoulder. She opened her eyes.
  "Are you okay?" The boy asked.
  "Yeah, yeah I'm fine," She said. "Just tired," The boy helped her stand up.
  "How did you do that?" Phoebe shrugged.
  "I don't know how, I just stare and they appear for others," A quite breeze blew past them. Phoebe could still see the boy's mother, but she didn't have enough energy to show her to him again. They stood together in silence.
  "Thank you," The boy told her. She shrugged.
  "Your dad's probably looking for you," she said. She saw the boy look over his shoulder.
  "Well, uh, see you around," he told her. Phoebe nodded. The boy turned and went down the hill to the rest of his family. Murray and Rosa floated up next to Phoebe.
  "That boy seemed nice. What was his name?" Phoebe shrugged.
  "No idea,"


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05/09/2020 5:20 am
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This is nice :D awesome ideas and concept!
05/03/2020 12:05 am
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this is a really sweet little story, I like it a lot! :D
05/03/2020 12:28 pm
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PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft avatar
thank you!
05/01/2020 1:30 pm
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It's amazing!!
05/01/2020 1:45 pm
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PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft avatar
thanks! this is actually the first time i've ever completed a story
04/25/2020 6:36 pm
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04/25/2020 6:51 pm
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PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft avatar
thank you, i'm almost done with it i just need to write a few more paragraphs
04/15/2020 4:02 pm
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04/16/2020 5:13 pm
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PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft avatar
is it good?
04/16/2020 5:53 pm
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It's an amazing start!!!
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