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Great seed

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avatar Pandatron
Level 24 : Expert Miner
And when I say great I mean great.
I'm gonna have a video of it soon, but I found a seed which spawned me in a jungle.
NBD right?
But then I mined down (I know, I know don't do that xD) and then I mined back up after I got enough cobble for a pick and crafted it, in a stairway fashion. I mined back down, continuing the staircase and realizing I had nothing to do on the surface. It was on peaceful so whatever. So after a while of mining, I hit a cavern. I was like hey this is cool. I mined around and there was a huge ravine underground. I was in water in the first cavern. I then tried standing on a ledge so as to not fall down with the water pushing me so I could take a screenshot, but the water pushed me anyway and I fell and hurt myself a little. I jumped down more to other water and I was walking along (I still hadn't found coal yet) looking for coal. I found some, and some lava nearby. I thought "Cool! Obsidian!"
Guess what I see nearby. 2 Shiny Diamond ores.
I was like OMG so I started up Bandicam and started recording, and made a fence around the lava so I couldn't fall in. After many tries and fails I got an embarrassing start to a video and kept going. I awkwardly paused but then unpaused because I had no reason to pause really. I had also found gold AND LAPIS within a minute timeframe of finding the diamonds. I found some iron up a stream, so I tried getting it but couldn't. I ended up mining into the wall to try to go up without water pushing me, and I saw cobble. I knew I hadn't put cobble there because it wasn't part of my wall.
I thought "Nooooo..........Couldn't be..." guess what. Zombie spawner. No mossy cobble to my knowledge (edit:there is mossy cobble) and 2 chests, holding tons of cocoa beans (which aren't very valuable now with trees :/) gunpowder string and A SADDLE. it was right around the corner from my lava that I had recently passed xD

So that was my day.
Seed: -5426138161684637045
Links and screenshots coming soon.
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