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Hamlin Inc.

Hamlin Inc.

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Hamlin inc. is a book I have been writing since the beginning of school this year, I have wrote multiple different drafts, changing the characters ever since. At the start of December I have finally stuck with this draft that is in first person point of view and I like it. If you would like more of this book follow this link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/59967773-hamlin-inc
 have been writing it on this website called WattPad, it is a free writing site that has millions of readers and thousands of books to read! Anyway, Hope ye enjoy!


"Ladies and gentlemen," Why does every single speech start with the generic ladies and gentlemen? It is very unoriginal and useless to say at the beginning of each and every speech. "I have some bad news today on this cloudy day." Double negative right there. The factory building's parking lot was shaded by the clouds, but most days it will be bright and sunny. The clouds do not look very pleasant when you are out in the open with no way to cover yourself if rain hits. "I have been reported to, that two of my employees were accidentally caught in one of the heating units. They were reportedly cleaning the units when my assistant pressed a button that would start them. He figured they were both probably out by then." Why would anyone cry for them? It's not like they would live much longer anyway. I hear that most people who work at this factory live shorter lifespans. I don't know the reason why, but I'm sure it is on the internet somewhere. "Their names were Joshua Swirl and Quinton Shire." What made up names. I could think of some name better than that right off the top of my head... Robert Gerald. Very formal, but at least it sounds real. "Can we please take a moment of silence for Joshua and Quinton?" Hamlin lowers his head, as well as others too. Why would people mourn a fake dead man? These names are as made up as unicorns. Completely untrue and never seen. I bet if someone asked what they looked like, Hamlin would pause and be unable to come up with a good description.

Hamlin's eyes dart from side to side as if he is looking for someone. He raises his head, his curly, brown hair swooshing backwards. "Alright. Time for the big announcement. So you all know that this company has been named Hamlin Incorporated since I first opened it right?" Yea, unless you were living under a rock for the past twenty years. Something brushes against my lower back. I instinctively spin around and ready to go off on them, but no one is there. Not a single person is behind me at the edge of the crowd. I slowly turn back around to face the factory again. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Swirl and Shire incorporated." A green tarp is pulled off of beautifully painted metal lettering. Each letter is painted with yellow and light blue diagonal stripes. It was magnificent.

Again something brushes against my lower back. I spin around, ready to yell at them. A man dressed in black with a tiger mask on. Suddenly everything moves in slow motion, and the sound cuts off and is replaced by constant buzzing. My whole body goes numb, and I feel a small poke on my stomach. I look down stupidly and see the end of a knife sticking out. This sends me back into reality with a horrific scream. Once others realize what is going on, they scream as well. My throat goes raw after around fifteen seconds of screaming, I guess my attacker wants to enjoy his first kill of the day. Other murderous bastards arrive to kill more. About a dozen or so in total.

Suddenly I'm on the floor being kicked in my sides. When will this torture end? The pain hurts so much, its like being eaten alive, but instead of having chunks of my body being torn off, Painful boots are crushing into my sides. The excruciating pain stops with numbness throughout my body. The tiger mask stares down at me, laughing at my pain. Everything goes blank as I close my eyes to get rid of this ongoing torment.

Tom Hamlin

"Ladies and gentlemen," Its going to be okay. "I have some bad news today on this cloudy day." It isn't going to be okay. There is no way out. I just can't do it. "I have been reported to, that two of my employees were accidentally caught in one of the heating units. They were reportedly cleaning the units when my assistant pressed a button that would start them. He figured they were both probably out by then." I wonder how he is doing awaiting fake trial? He can't possibly attend a real one. He doesn't exist. "Their names were Joshua Swirl and Quinton Shire." Ah, Joshua Swirl and Quinton Shire. Those were some nights in the making. I had to think of those names for a total of three full nights before I came up with those names. If I didn't my life was in stake and I would die alone. At least this way I can finally rename my factory and still live to see it succeed. "Can we please take a moment of silence for Joshua and Quinton?" I lower my head to face my shoes. My light gray suit doesn't look very pleasant since I couldn't get it ironed in time for the public announcement. Who forgets to iron their suit?

Are people actually mourning them? I look around as far as I can without raising my head and being considered disrespectful. Everyone I can see looks to be lowering their heads without question. Yes! Perfect, just what I intended for them to do. I raise my head, I feel the wind breeze through my short, curly hair. I stumble backwards for a moment. I guess I raised up to quickly for my body to adjust to the different stance. "Alright. Time for the big announcement. So you all know that this company has been named Hamlin Incorporated since I first opened it right?" I can't turn back now. I have already set the puzzle piece in its place. There is no way I can change my mind and turn back now. "Up until now, I have been waiting for the perfect time to change the name. It just didn't fit very well anymore since I became bigger in this town. Now that I have made my mark here, I thought I needed a bigger name to hold a bigger company." The time is now, spring the announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Swirl and Shire incorporated." The green tarp I had set up earlier today is dragged off the new sign. Light blue and yellow stripes run through each and every letter. And a square lies below, in the same style as the letters. That is the new logo. Why not have your logo as well as you name on a factory? I am not going to put it anywhere else besides on my boxes of chocolate, and the wrappers of the chocolate bars.

"Impressive isn't it? I just wanted to say that-" Suddenly screaming erupts from the back of the crowd. I look over at the madness unfolding. A man in a tiger mask stands beside her, mostly out of view from me. The girl falls to the ground with a knife sticking out of her green, blood covered t-shirt. I now realize what is going on. The man continually kicks her with his boots. She screams horrifically until she stops with silence. I recognize she quit screaming through the other hundreds of screams taking place in the crowd. People scatter across the street, trying to escape a dozen other attackers. No one is fighting back, I guess they are in fight or flight mode. They all chose flight. Bullets begin flying across the crowd as innocent people drop dead to the ground. My mind goes blank. No possible outs are available in this situation. I haft to do something before any more innocent people die.

Hands grab my shoulders and begin dragging me across the empty space behind my podium. I struggle to escape, I haft to save them. Somehow. I can't let them suffer any longer without them all dying with me watching them. If I let them die, it is as if I killed them. Four more hands reach from my arms and pull me backwards. I begin yelling for them to stop. "Stop it! I haft to save them!" None of them listen to me. I swing my leg backwards, hoping to connect with someones crotch. No luck. The hands hold on fiercely as I try to swing my arms now. Not a single hand is loose enough to let go.

Sirens go off in the distance, coming closer and closer with every second I try to escape. "Hamlin! Stop it!" One of my workers yell. I ignore them and pull my arms with all my strength. No one is budging, its as if they had giant metal clamps around my arms and legs.

The Police officers arrive as soon as I am drug into my building and let go. The doors of opportunity to save the remaining few is low. I rub my arms where hands had been. They are raw and painful to touch. The factory workers reach for the door handles and pull them closed. Before the doors completely shut closed, I scream with the last of my strength. "Let me save them!"

Chapter 1 - 3
Tom Hamlin

Why? Why them? Why not me? I was the one who deserved to die. Not them. The guilt is eating me in tiny bite sized pockets every day and it is taking forever. One day I will crack and climb to the top of my building and jump. It should kill me on the impact. Then everyone will be confused that the cities greatest historical figure has committed suicide. Yes that is my plan. I wish for nothing more than for to be remembered as a dead man... No... No that is a horrible plan. I will just haft to live with myself for as long as my heart can handle. It is too much. If only I had some sort of heart condition that would be severe enough to kill me on sight of the first murder of that day. I bet those slaughters were done for fun. No reason to do the horrendous act, but to set a point. Maybe to screw with me. Finally send me into the arms of death.

"Hamlin," Sam. "What are you thinking about?" She sits down beside me, less than a few centimeters apart. Her dark red hair flows in the slight breeze. "Just staring off into the sunset." I flash a smile across my lips. She knows better than to believe my 'Just staring off into the sunset' comment. Her happy facial expression drains and leaves behind her shining green eyes and her brilliant cheek structure. "Hamlin, it is not your fault." Sam places her hand on my lower arm, near my wrist, but not close enough to slide into my hand. I quickly reply to her. "Yes it is, and you know this... You have seen the letters." I look away from her and back to the setting sun. At least I know I can take comfort in the orange glow coming from the horizon. I can feel Sam's eyes piercing the side of my face. She is staring at me. I like it.

Silence falls onto us until the sun disappears behind quickly forming clouds. The dark clouds foam on the surface of the sky, hiding the stars away until a better time comes. A light pattern of rain forms across the concrete. Rain. It has been so long since this natural pleasure has formed in this city. There hasn't been any rain since... After the Hamlin Incorporated indecent, dubbed by the local news broadcast stations. I love the rain. It washes away my pain with happiness for a brief moment, but quickly my sorrows form again in my head as if they had never gone away. "Hamlin, we should get inside." Sam says as she practically darts for the overhang over the doorway. "No, I'll meet you inside, in a moment. I have some business to attend to." I slosh around in the puddles quickly forming on the ground. My boots soaking up with water, tightening a little around my ankles. Sam turns and gives me a weird look. I take it as a complement. She disappears inside and leaves the doors open, even though water will seek itself in, onto the plush carpet. I don't care. It will be worth it.

That was the first chapter! I wrote those at the start of December and posted them the following month. I already have the first 6 chapters fully posted, but I am taking a break re-writing the sixth chapter and writing chapter seven as well.

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