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Hats In Minecraft! (Using new Banners in 1.8)

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Hello, everybody! Today I'm going to guide you through a very short tutorial that will teach you how to get HATS in minecraft! This is using the new banners released in 1.8

It is a VERY short command.

Command: (Copy w/ CTRL + C)

/replaceitem entity (USERNAME) slot.armor.head banner 1 Damage Data

You will want to copy the code into a seperate command block.

There is some more very short steps you will have to do, you are almost there to being done... You will then need to craft the banner (hat) of your choice. For mine, I put a lime banner in the middle, and put a creeper head on top. Then, it came out as a creeper face. You are going to want to then get a chest, and take your banner and put it in the chest. Then, you are going to put a command block below the chest. Then, you have to put this command in it:

Command (Copy w/ CTRL + C):

/blockdata ~ ~1 ~ {}

Then, power the command block and it will say the code that is inside the chest.

You will find a part in the "Previous Output" line that says:


You will want to remember that number before the "S". Next, put that number into the other command block. (should replace the second-last word, which is Damage.)

You are going to copy another part, it should start out with:


... and end with ...


Then, replace the last word "Data"  with the word that you just copied. Then, save it and power the command block that you just edited, and you are done! Want to take the hat off? Just go into your inventory and take it off!

Quick Tip: To select and copy in minecraft, hold down SHIFT and then navigate with your arrow keys, and when you are done, realease the arrow keys and shift key. Then, press CTRL + C, and you are done!

Another Tip: To get to the beginning and end of commands in command blocks fast, press the HOME key to jump to the beginning and the END key to jump to the end

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01/19/2016 6:13 pm
Level 1 : New Network
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thx for the help!
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