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Level 17 : Journeyman Narwhal
Hello. I am EpicGamer10. I joined PMC almost a year ago. I joined because I love minecraft and wanted to be able to share my love for the wonderful game. I like to build adventure maps with SwitchMaster, who also loves minecraft. While minecraft can be very fun, it can also be dangerous. There are online bullies everywhere. I want you to have fun, so please be safe on line. Don't post personal information or people might bully you about the things that make you unique. If you are on PMC or some sort of server, and get bullied or see somebody getting bullied, please report the bully. If you can't/don't know haw to report them, try to talk it out with them. Ask them why they're being mean, why they're picking on the other person. But don't be mean to them. Sure, they were mean, but that doesn't give you the right to be mean back to them. But, if they don't listen to you and are still being a bully, and you still aren't able to report them for some reason, please either help the person being bullied, or both you and the person being bullied ignore the bully. Over all, please just have a fun time. And be kind! Give out a random complement. 'Nice hair!' 'Cool name!' Thanks for reading


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