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How Minecraft should be for this?

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Stomno avatar Stomno
Level 34 : Artisan Mage
Hi, recently, talking with a friend about this image:
How Minecraft should be for this?

How could be this in Minecraft, for real. Yeah, I know there're WorldPainter maps almost big enough but the reality is that those maps never gonna really 'fit' in a Minecraft world, at least for the player.
Let's see:

How Minecraft should be for this?

The player occupy 2x1 and a 'normal' tree 3x8 here. For a maximixed world like in the image we need a bigger character for fill and fit that bigger world, eight times to be accurate.
Indeed Minecraft would work eight times more bigger and we know that would ruin the performance

I thought perhaps the developers never did this because of java, wich is not what Minecraft needs. Is a beautiful game but apply some redstone and lag your server out. Is not good. Just a reminder.
(Excel Doc)

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11/11/2016 11:20 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Answer
Chaotikal avatar
This will never happen in Minecraft, because of Render distance, and the technology behind chunks.
11/12/2016 6:44 am
Level 34 : Artisan Mage
Stomno avatar
Exactly, and they will not change the engine.
Even today, the chunks load slowly, so sad.

anyway we can still enjoy this game, thx for comment!
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