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How to: Build large builds quickly

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Diamondhackers's Avatar Diamondhackers
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For many of you Planet Minecraft is a place to gawp at the amazing creations of others!! Funnily enough your creations are not the one that appear regularly on the popular reel. Or anything else on planet minecraft for that matter. Ok lets just say that you are not ever going to be the best on Planet Minecraft, but lets say you can have a fair chance of being better than your friends with a little help (Me!).

Being better (My definition)

Lets say you and your friends are pretty amateur at minecraft then the definition is pretty simple of being better. o Massive creations are amazing!o what I mean by this is that anything Very Big no matter how little time you put in is amazing, because you put in so much time building ito ¦

Being sneaky

So by now I think you have realised what the italics meant. Being a little sneaky. By this I mean getting a tool called world edit. If you haveno t heard of this or dono t have it, get it now as well as single player commands. It is essential to the next sneaky steps.

Step 3

The first thing to this step is make sure none of your friends that you want to amaze are around. Right now that thats done and you have world edit installed open minecraft. For todays example we are going to use a city. Build 3 or 4 or 10 different houses with furniture in them. These will be your template houses. Now build a roundabout and a street. These will be your template street. Now get that item that is a non placeable block like an axe and then type in the chat /wand. This is now your wand tool. Next thing you want to do is left click the ground at one corner of the house with the wand. The next thing you want to do is go to the corner opposite and get any block and place upwards to the full height of the house then right click the top block. Now go to the ground destroying the blocks you have just placed upwards and then type the command /copy. Move away from the house and type /paste. You should see a duplicate house appear in from on you. By now you should have realised that this is a copy command and that were you /copy from matters. It is to hard to explain but just try copy and pasting the house a number of times and you will get what I mean. Now you have created a number of house use the /undo command to remove them one by one.

Final step

Now that you understand how it works the rest is self explanatory. Copy and paste roads and streets until you are satisfied with your city and remember to put lighting and a town hall to finish off the city. Now its time to show off to your friends.

Thanks for reading please Diamond, Like, Subscribe! If this is popular an intermediate tutorial will come. If you have any questions of clarification please leave them in the comments.

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01/13/2013 11:28 am
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I wish I could download mods.
09/02/2012 5:16 pm
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sure bro
09/02/2012 1:40 pm
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a diamond for you my good sir
09/02/2012 4:18 pm
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Thanks it is really aprciated please subscribe and tell others and like
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