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How To: Custom IPs On Servers

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Hello everyone! This is a blog to show you how to correctly add a custom IP to YOUR Minecraft server.

Alright, before we attach our custom IP, we need to complete the following things.

1. Portforward our server on the 25565 port. For a tutorial on how to do this, click here. If you are hosted with a hosting company, talk to your provider.

2. Own the domain you plan to use. The registrar I am going to be using for this tutorial is www.namecheap.com

Buying the domain

The first thing you will want to do is actually BUY your domain. When you go to www.namecheap.com, there will be a box that looks like this:


Enter in the domain you want. Go through the on screen process of purchasing your domain.
Setting Up Your Server IP
After this is done, click the My Account tab, then to Manage Domains. You should see your domain listed here.


Click on your url, in this case we are going to use whatcraft.net.

You will be on a slightly different page. Look to the left of the page, there is a button under Host Management, that looks like so.


Click on it, this will bring you to a page with multiple boxes in rows. These rows are the key to setting up your custom IP.Under the heading subdomain, go to the first row of boxes, and type the following info.

The first box is for the subdomain of the IP, for example play, which would give you play.whatcraft.net.
The second box is your regular server IP, which in this case is68.186.158.133.
The third box you are going to want to set as A (Address) like so.
Then, in the fourth box, type in 1800.

End result:

Towards the bottom of your page, there should be a Save Changes button. Hit it, and then boot up Minecraft to test!


Please note: The subdomain may take a few minutes to go into affect.

Welp, thanks for reading! Make sure to diamond and comment so other server owners can read this too!

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