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How To Join A Modded Minecraft Server (The Easy Way)

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In this guide you’ll learn the easy way to join a modded Minecraft server by using the Twitch desktop app. Twitch has MOST of the good modpacks but this method won’t work for some of the more obscure ones that aren’t on Twitch. The guide will be short because Twitch makes it very easy!

Step 1: Installing Twitch Desktop App

Of course, if you already have the Twitch app downloaded you can skip this step.

To install the Twitch desktop app you’ll need to download the installer from twitch.tv/downloads. There’s one for both Mac and Windows.

How To Join A Modded Minecraft Server     (The Easy Way)

Once downloaded simply open up the installer and follow the steps. You may get a pop up asking you to run or allow the program. Just confirm and proceed.

Step 2: Installing The Modpack

Once the app is installed and you’re logged in, head to the ‘Mods’ tab.

How To Join A Modded Minecraft Server     (The Easy Way)

This will take you to a list of games that can be modded through the Twitch app. It might be worth taking a note if there are any other games you would like to mod through Twitch as it’s very easy to do. Select ‘Minecraft’.

You’ll be taken to ‘My Modpacks’ which there shouldn’t be any. This is where you’ll find and access the modpack once installed.

Go to the ‘Browse Modpacks’ tab and put the name of the modpack in the search bar on the right. You’ll have to enter the name of the modpack exactly (for example, to find the ‘RLCRAFT’ modpack you can’t put ‘RL CRAFT’ with a space). Once you;ve found the correct modpack, select it.

How To Join A Modded Minecraft Server     (The Easy Way)

Click ‘Install’.

Once it’s installed go back to ‘My Modpacks’ and press ‘Play’.

This will open the Minecraft launcher with the correct version preloaded so you can just click ‘Play’ again once in the launcher.

Step 3: Adding The Server IP

If you don’t already have a server in mind for the modpack you can always look for a good one on websites such as [url="minecraftservers.org"]minecraftservers.org[​/url].

Assuming you have the IP address for the server you are joining you’ll need to add that to your list of servers under ‘Multiplayer’ in the main menu. Click ‘Multiplayer’ then ‘Add Server’ in the bottom right.

You’ll need to name the server and add the server IP. You can name it whatever you want as that’s what you see in your server list. The IP needs to be an exact match.

Click ‘Done’ in the bottom right and hey presto, you’re done! Double click the server in your list and it’ll load you in.

I hope this helped get you on a server and playing with your buddies!

I also run my own RLCRAFT community server which is open to all members of my Twitch community at twitch.tv/somenutzguy. I stream on the server 2-3 hours a day so perhaps we’ll see some of you there! <3

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