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10 Beginner’s Tips You Need to Know in RLCRAFT

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RLCRAFTis an incredibly difficult modpack made up of over 100 mods that increase the difficulty and add so much content. So much so that it can be very confusing when you first get started. This guide will teach you 10 things you’re going to need to know to get started in RLCRAFT.

In the words of Shivaxi himself (the creator of the modpack) “bottom line is, this ain't your dad's Minecraft, and you're going to die...a lot. Just be prepared for that.” These 10 tips and tricks should help you die at least a little bit less at the beginning.

If you’re not sure how to install modpacks like RLCRAFT, watch this video.

Download RLCRAFT modpack here.

Tip 1: Flint Tools

In a new world on vanilla Minecraft you would often start out by punching a tree to get some wood for wood tools. This doesn’t work in RLCRAFt as you can farm wood with your fists. Instead you’ll need to make a ‘Flint Hatchet’ to get started.

You’ll need one flint, two sticks and some string overall.

To get the flint you can farm gravel with your fists until some drops. Note that you can pick up and replace any gravel you find over and over until you get flint so you only need one block of gravel.

To create flint shards out of flint, you just right click on a stone or cobblestone block with the flint in your hand.

Get the two sticks by punching leaves.

To get the string you can craft a ‘Flint Knife’ out of a ‘Stick’ and one of your ‘Flint Shards’. Use this knife to cut grass and it’ll drop ‘Plant Fibre’. Combine three ‘Plant Fibre’ in your inventory to craft ‘Plant String.

Finally, craft your ‘Flint Axe’ with a ‘Stick’, ‘Plant String’ and the other ‘Flint Shard’.

10 Beginner’s Tips You Need to Know in RLCRAFT

You can now farm wood and get started on your adventure but don’t get hit by falling trees… seriously.

Tip 2: Getting Planks and Sticks

Now that you can farm wood you’re probably going to quickly realise you can’t just craft planks from wood or sticks from planks.

Early game you’ll need to ‘chop’ the wood manually. You do this by placing the wood on the floor and right clicking on the top with an axe. It can be odd sometimes so if it doesn’t work try again.

To get sticks you do the same thing but with planks.

Unfortunately, this method gives you less product than vanilla minecraft. There is a way you can get a better rate of return which we’ll cover later.

Tip 3: Health

Health is another thing that works very differently in RLCRAFT. Press ‘H’ to access the health window. The first time you open it there should be a ‘Tutorial’ so read through that. Basically, each part of the body has its own hearts. Three each by default.

If your ‘Head’ or ‘Body’ get reduced to zero hearts then you die regardless of how much overall health you have. If anything else gets reduced to zero then you will suffer from various effects depending on the limb that was damaged.

10 Beginner’s Tips You Need to Know in RLCRAFT

There are many ways to heal in RLCRAFT from ‘Bandages’ to ‘Medkits’ to ‘Nymphs’. Familiarise yourself with these and keep an eye on your ‘Head’ and ‘Body’.

Tip 4: Picking Things Up

Even the way you pick stuff up is different in RLCRAFT. Items will not be pulled into your inventory. Instead, you can ‘Crouch’ and you will pick up all of the items on the floor around you or you can right click and it will pick up the item your cursor is currently highlighting.

Tip 5: Skills, Perks and Talents

There are a couple different ways to become more powerful in RLCRAFT, other than gear that is. You can spend your levels - normal Minecraft levels - to increase your skills and talents or gain perks.

First we’ll look at ‘Skills’. There is a tab on the left of your inventory screen called ‘Skills’.

10 Beginner’s Tips You Need to Know in RLCRAFT

You spend your levels to increase these ‘Skills’ and the cost of leveling them up will increase each time. Much of the gear and actions in RLCRAFT will have a level requirement associated with these ‘Skills’.

Within each skill there are a couple perks you can gain. Some of them are very good so I would familiarise yourself with these and check their level requirements. For example, ‘Battle Spirit’ under ‘Combat’ will give you a short strength buff after killing an enemy.

In addition to these, there are also talents and a specialisation. You’ll need at least five levels to access this menu and choose a specialisation. To access this menu press ‘L’. The first time you do this it will ask you to specialise into ‘Mining’, ‘Crafting’ or ‘Combat’. This means you’ll gain a small experience bonus when performing certain actions associated with your specialisation. Picking ‘Combat’ is probably best as you’ll gain much more experience overall from combat than mining or crafting.

Once you’ve specialised you can spend your levels on various talents. You can still get all of them regardless of your specialisation. As an example, ‘Random Crits’ increases your crit chance by 5% for each level.

Note that when leveling these talents you need to click ‘Done’ at the end as it will not confirm the level up until you do. If you press ‘Esc’ as an example, it will cancel. I’d recommend spending levels on these things asap as these skills and talents are some of the only things you can’t lose in RLCRAFT.

Tip 6: Temperature and Seasons

Temperature and seasons exist in RLCRAFT. If you get too hot or too cold you will start to take damage. Early game this can easily be fatal. In summer and winter the problems are much worse. You can check the season with a ‘Season Clock’ but this is not likely to be something you’ll have very early.

In many biomes it’ll be very difficult to stay cool in summer or warm in winter. I’d advise trying to find a neutral biome to get started in.

A couple ways you can heat up include crafting woollen gear or a ‘Campfire’.

The main way to cool down is to just jump in some water.

Temperature can be a real pain early on but don’t worry, you won’t worry about it at all later in the game.

Tip 7: Thirst and Drinking

You’ll notice you have a thirst meter above your health bar. This will go down over time and will go down faster depending on what you are doing. When it gets low you will suffer from dehydration. Your screen will start to go blurry and eventually you’ll die.

To drink you need to ‘Crouch’ next to a water source and right click while looking into the water. Most water you drink is contaminated and will give you the ‘Thirst’ debuff. This will reduce your thirst over 30 seconds.

To avoid this you can ‘cook’ bottles of water or craft a ‘Canteen’ and do the same. This is a bit time consuming though and it’s annoying carrying a bunch of water around. If you just bring a ‘Water Bucket’ with you you’ll have an infinite supply of water.

Tip 8: Sabers and Halberds

Two great weapons that you can start using quite early are the ‘Saber’ and the ‘Halberd’.

The ‘Saber’ is great because it has ‘Chest Damage Bonus’ and ‘Damage Absorption’. The ‘Chest Damage Bonus’ means that you will do +100% damage to any mob that does not have chest armour. This is most of the enemies you’ll fight early game so it’s very good. The ‘Damage Absorption’ means you’ll receive 25% less incoming damage, however, any damage prevented will instead be taken by the ‘Saber’ as durability damage.

The ‘Halberd’ is a ‘Two-Handed’ weapon meaning if used with something in your left hand you will suffer from ‘Mining Fatigue’ which will make the time between your swings much longer. Apart from this it’s a great weapon. It has ‘Reach’ which means you can hit targets that are much further away than usual. It also has pretty high base damage and the reach means you can be a bit safer from most melee mobs.

I would also highly recommend having a shield most of the time due to the fact that skeleton archers are very strong early game.

Tip 9: Get a Saw

You should get a ‘Iron Saw’ early to avoid wasting time farming for wood. An ‘Iron Saw’ allows you to get a better return of planks and sticks from your wood. In fact it means you’ll get the same as in vanilla minecraft.

To use the saw you must put the saw in the middle of a ‘Crafting Station’ and put the wood below it for planks and to the right or left for sticks.

Tip 10: Get a Paxel

A ‘Paxel’ is a multi-tool that acts as all tools combined, mines at diamond level speed and has infinite durability. It’s a very convenient tool to have and as it can be made with just iron and sticks it’s easy to get early. You will however require ‘Building’ level six to create the ‘Equipment Forge’ needed to put the paxel together.

First we’ll make the parts. You need an ‘Iron Guard’ which will require a ‘Wood Guard’. You’ll also need a ‘Wooden Rod’ for the handle and the ‘Iron Paxel’ itself.

Once you have the individual components you’ll need to combine them in the ‘Equipment Forge’. In the forges menu you need to drag and drop each component to the correct place and then you can pull out the completed paxel. First, the ‘Wooden Rod’ in the spot second from the left. Then the ‘Iron Guard’ in the next spot to the right. Finally, the ‘Iron Paxel’ in the next spot along. Drag the completed paxel out of the slot on the right and you’re done.


Hopefully this helps some of you out there not die so much. RLCRAFT is a brilliant modpack and, although it can get frustrating at times, it’s well worth the challenge. To learn the easy way to install modpacks, watch this video.

I run an RLCRAFT community server for all of my Twitch community. It’s open to all friendly people so if you’d like to join us you can join the stream while I’m LIVE (from 13:00 UK time everyday - Twitch.tv/somenutzguy) or join the Discord and drop me a direct message.

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