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How to make a 1.8.0 skin.

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Hello there, to day im here to show you all a easy way to make a 1.8.0 skin for minecraft. Some of you may have made 1.8.0 skin's in the past but with the new 1.8.0 skin's you can do so mutch more let's get to it.
You will need to get a program to edit the skin, A easy one to get and use is a fan made mod cald MCSkin3D. Made by Paril i use it my self it's a good tool here is the link.www.planetminecraft.com/mod/mcskin3d/ Ok now that you have a tool to edit a skin you will need to lode it up. For this Tutorial i will be useing MCSkin3D.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP TWO.
Lode up MCSkin3D. To the left of your screen you will see a box with skin's in it go over to that and right click it. And click NEW SKIN HERE. That will make a new skin with nuthing on it, it will pop up as a white skin you then need to go up to the top right of your screen and click the HUMAN. box then click MOB'S. then click PASSIVE. and then click HUMAN 1.8.0. that will have a pop up you will need to click scale not crop. That will add what you need to your skin. You will then need to click off all of the 3D skin. By clicking on the dimand armer in the top right part or your screen.
Now you will have a white 1.8.0 skin you will need to clcik HYBRID. next to Textur at the top of your screen, this will bring up a screen that is white you will need to use the eraser, and go over the white, you now have a skin ready to edit. To make it easy use the Hybrid tool to see a grid of your skin, it will show you what part of the skin you are macking, wen you are done editing the skin you will need to add the 3D, to make it a 1.8.0 skin do this by clicking the Dimand armer agen, this will add it if you have gone in to edit it. That i's all you need to know to make a 1.8.0 skin. If you wish to see how to use MCSkin3D. Just go to Parils page and watch the Vid/ I hope this helps you all out i will be posting a a nuther vid to show how to make your 1.8.0 skin, look good with all that good stuff thanks.

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