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How To Make A Minecraft Wallpaper - And Edit Photos For PMC

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Heliosk's Avatar Heliosk
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Hello Minecrafters and welcome back to another blog *well actully a tutorial.* I haven't done a tutorial in a very long time so I thought i'd do one as my Christmas present,to you awsome Minecrafters! Throughout this tutorial i'll be showing you how to make a nice clean looking Minecraft Wallpaper! As always I hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave some feedback down in the comments below!

Photo-Editing Software

The first thing you'll need to even get close to start making wallpapers is a photo-editing software. I use PicMonkey wich is only $5.00 monthly,and you also get a free month trial when you first goto the website! It also has high-quality photo-editing tools and other gadgets. Throughout this blog I'll be discussing the tools and gadgets wich should be found in any good photo-editing software *Such as PhotoShop,Gimp,etc.* I just personally reccomend using PicMonkey *Photoshop is a bit advanced,PicMonkey is still as good yet less advanced and more user-friendly. I'll also be using PicMonkey throughout the whole blog so i highly reccomend using it :D

The Basics

You should start off with a picture that you want to edit. You drag that picture into whatever software your using and then should start editing. I like to start off by Exposure,then Colors, then Sharpness of the photo. *For PicMonkey Users,You Can Find All Of This Once You Start Editing*

These will be your basic and most important tools in the photo-editing process. Start off by going to Resize and turn off the check box on "Keep Preportions" then set it to 1600 x 900. Those are the basic sizes of a normal sized computer screen and PMC cover photo.


Your basic exposure layout should look like this.

Depending on your photo that your editing and where the brightness and darkness falls all depends on what settings you want to set it on. If the light is facing somewhere dark on the picture you want to turn the brightness and highlights up. Brightness alot,highlits a minimum. Then make the shadows look a bit more dark on wherever the light doesnt meet. Then turn the Contrast up very very lightly until it looks more bright and realistic. Now if your using a dark photo then do all of that except the opposit way.


This is very simple. If you have a bright picture turn the colors up until it looks realistic. If you have a dark picture or a picture in a snowy/blue setting turn the colors down halfway low until it looks realistic.

Sharpness And Adding Realism To Your Photo

You don't want your picture to look all pixely and unrealistic so you want to consider changing your sharpness of the photo. Just add more clarity and sharpness to the photo so it looks perfect! You don't want to add to much sharpness though because then your photo will look jagged and horrid looking. Change the settings until it looks fine and comfortable on where it's at.


Thank's for reading my short tutorial and I hope you've enjoyed! I hope this tutorial has helped you in your photo-editing experience and will be useful to you in the future! If you have any questions or need help just PM me and i'll try to reply A.S.A.P! As always have a wonderful Minecraftian Day!
-My Christmas Gift To You ~ Minecrafters

Best Present I Could Ask For! Getting On The Popular Reel :) Thanks Everyone ~ Keith1411


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12/25/2012 4:41 pm
Level 26 : Expert Blockhead
Wayzo's Avatar
Nice tutorial!
Put alot of effort into it.
12/25/2012 4:48 pm
Level 49 : Master Architect
Heliosk's Avatar
Took me atleast an hour. But it was worth it at the end :)