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    Architect Society - Discord Server Dedicated to MC Builders

    As acting CEO of Architect Society, I am pleased to showcase all that our build society has to offer. We are a Minecraft project-based society, dedicated to providing a strong foundation for experienced builders, as well as giving them a source of PAYING work. Yes, you heard me right, paying work! Our server comes with a commission board, which is constantly being updated with builder requests from a diverse array of servers and networks. We only will update our commission board with paying work, (or that offer some sort of other in-game/irl benefits). Our Discord server has multiple different areas where members will be able to teach others new techniques, discuss ideas, collaborate with other members, and much more. Our voice channels cater to Build Teams within the society as well - offering them their own private voice room. Our goal is to be able to create a tight-knit, and experienced build environment - where every member is valued equally.

    We also host daily events, build competitions, and a variety of other exciting occasions. Along with that, we may sometimes have whole community included projects, where all members of [AS] collaborate on one huge project to present to the world. Our most experienced members also offer lessons to help beginners grow & nurture their building skill-set, as well as learn about new and innovative techniques. If you are a dedicated & creative mind within [AS], you can expect to be quickly recognized for those attributes - and promoted accordingly.


    Application Process:

    The application process for [AS] is very selective, as we pride ourselves on having dedicated, hard-working, skilled, and creative minds within our community. If you think you have what it takes to think outside of the cube, than please feel free to fill out an application! When filling out an application, please be as thorough and detailed with your responses as you can be. Applications will be received and approved/denied within 24h.

    Link to Apply: [CLICK HERE]

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