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How To Make HD Skins

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How To Make HD Skins!

Hello, i am HCGNE0Nz and i just found out how to make HD skins in Minecraft!

1 | Go to any website and make you skin the color you want (ONLY ONE COLOR FOR EACH PART)
2 | Once you are done with you skin Download it
3 | Download "Gimp" (If you have it open it up)
4 | Drag your skin into Gimp from where ever you saved it
5 | Go to the 'Pencil Tool' Double click it and it should open up 'Tool Options'
6 | Go to 'Opacity' and make that 11.3
7 | Make size any size you want (Not to BIG)
8 | Just drag to pencil along the skin you can change the color also to the color you want
9 | just do that all you want until you think you are done
1 | Go up to 'File'
2 | Click 'Export'
3 | Down by the 'Export' button click the tag
4 | Find 'PNG image (*.PNG)' Click that
5 | Name it anything you want and save to desktop
6 | Change skin on Minecraft.net :)

Any questions? Please comment and subscribe to me and Diamond for more of these Tutorials


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