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How to Make Your Own Private LAN Server for Windows

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Even though there are about a million of these all over the internet, I have ran into instructions that are very vague.  So, I have decided to make a thorough tutorial on how to make a Private LAN server for Windows!

1.   The first thing you want to do is to go the Minecraft official website at www.minecraft.net.  After that, you want to look at the right side of the page where it says "Buy Minecraft for $26.95".  Below it, in small text, says "Already Bought the Game?" with a "Download it Here" link below the former quote.  Click on the download it here text link.

2.   After clicking the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where it has a header named "Multiplayer Server", and click on the text link where it says "download minecraft_server1.8.8.exe".  The version which in my tutorial states 1.8.8, will change as Minecraft gets updates over time.  Once you click the link, your browser will ask you if you want to download the file or not.  Download the file.

3.   A)   After downloading the file, I would drag the file into a folder to keep all your server files organized and in the same place.  Run the file.  DO NOT PANIC IF THE FILE IMMEDIATELY CLOSES AFTER LOADING.  THIS IS ENTIRELY NORMAL.  After running the file, three files should appear.
       B)   Now, you are going to open the "eula" text file that appeared.  On the last line of the file, it says "eula=false".  Change the "false" to "true", and then save and close the file.

4.   Launch the Minecraft Server file.  It wil now stay open, and will create even more files.  The server is now live and working, but I have ran into problems with the server crashing without one more step.  In the bottom right of the server box, it has a command bar.  It is a long, narrow box.  Type in "stop" in the box.  This shuts down the server.

5.   A)   Right-Click in your Server Folder, and create a new text document.  For now, you don't need to name it.
      B)   Type in the following: java -Xms3G -Xmx4G .jar minecraft_server1.8.8.exe     into the text file.  For the part in red, the number varies depending on how much memory you want to dedicate to the server.  The first number represents the minimum amount of memory dedicated to the server, and the second represents the limit of how much memory the server can use.  I recommend that the minimum amount of memory dedicated to the system is 1/4 of how much memory your PC has, and the maximum amount is 1/3 of the total memory on your system.  Since my PC has 12 GB of memory, I will dedicate a minimum of 3 GB, which is 1/4 of 12, and a maximum of 4 GB, which is 1/3 of 12.
      C) Now, click on File, and click Save As.  YOU MUST CLICK SAVE AS, NOT SAVE!!!  In the "Save as Type" box below the "File Name" box, select "All Files".  All of your files in the server folder should appear.  Name the file anything you want, but YOU MUST HAVE THE FILE EXTENSION .bat AFTER THE FILE OR ELSE THE FILE WILL NOT WORK AS IT IS MEANT TO BE!  Click save after that.

6.   Now, run the new batch file (the file with the two gears as its icon), and you should see a black box briefly appear and disappear.  After that process is finished, launch the Minecraft Server.

7.   Now, press your Windows key and "R" at the same time.  A Run dialong box will appear, and type "cmd" in it and press "Enter".  A black box should appear.  Type "ipconfig" in the box, and a bunch of information will pop up.  Find the "Ethernet adapter Ethernet (or something with Ethernet in it)", and find the "IPv4 Address".  Copy this down on a piece of paper or on a word file.  This is your Minecraft Server Address when you make a "New Server" in the "Multiplayer" tab on the Minecraft main menu.

8.   If all you and all your friends are on the same Internet Network, use the IP Address explained above as your server address.  Make sure you go through step six to start up your server every time, and to close the server, just type "stop" in the same box as you did on number four.  To start opping people on your server to use cheats, type in the same box where you type "stop": "op (your username here)".  You should be opped, and ready to go!

9.   Have fun and do whatever the heck you want on your new private server!

If you are trying to play over different Internet Networks, you will have to use LogMeIn Hamachi.  However, I have found that the guides to use Hamachi for a Minecraft server are easy to follow.  So, I will leave the research for that up to you, but here is a link for a good tutorial to do that:


All credit to ARCTIC RAPTER for the video!

If you have any questions/comments, state them in the comments section below.


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