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How To: Survival Base

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In this blog, I am going to be kicking off a series of "How To", and "What If".

The focus of this post, is a survival base. You see, creating the ideal survival base is more than just digging a hole in the ground, or making a box in the sky; creating a survival base is a long and tedious process, that ends in a great success.


When creating a base, you need to go for three main objectives: Defense, Appearance, and Location.

Now of course, each of these objectives connectwith each other. The defense ability of a base, connects with the location of the base. And the appearance, is determined by the location as well. They all connect in one way or another, and they need each other.


The ability to properly defend your base is key. You must always have certain aspects coveredimmediately.

You need to be able to have multiple exits, a front door, a back door, and a what-da-fack door.

By "What-da-fack door", I am talking about an extreme exit, you already have 2 doors, front and back, so you need one more. Whether it is an underground river, a secret tunnel, anything, just as long as it is mob proof. So, well lit, durable blocks, and overall great accessibility.

You need superb walls to protect you within your base. I don't necessarily mean a 20-block high obsidian circle surrounding your base, I mean a 1-block thick, 3 at best, of some form of non-natural block such asdouble-slabs, or stone brick.

As you can see in the image above, My current base is literally within a mountain. It is high enough that most monsters can't reach it, even if they spawn on top, they would just fall off attempting to get to a window. I have one above-ground entrance, which is protected by a redstone barricade. I also have 3 underground tunnels in different areas and going in different directions. My base is over 15 blocks above the ground, impervious walls, and many alternate exits.


The appearance of a base is what makes you want to stay. If your base looks like crap, you will always have an urge to move and make a new one. The goal is to have a base that you will never want to leave, and that you will never need to leave at all. A base needs to not only be good, but also look good. As you can tell in my image, I went out of my way to make the lighting look nice, I honestly copied the concept of an NPC-Village for the lights, fence with black wool on top. I also went out of my way to place all that rock in that pyramid pattern surrounding the right area of the stairs, simply to remove theuglinessof the rough grass/dirt/rock/gravel/etc.

The one thing you must always be careful about when creating the appearance of your base however, is to make sure it doesn'tconsumeyour other goals too quickly. You need to make sure you work on appearance when you are done with the fortifications, when you know that if a creeper comes up behind you, you can run right back through your door and be safe.

Always make sure your base is as strong as Fort Worth, and as sexy as aFerrari.


You must always be wary of the location which you build your base. For instance, certain locations will compromise your base majorly, and some will greatly benefit you and the goal of your survival. For instance, you should never build a base in the Taiga, Grassland, or Desert. Each of those biomes have different reasons, all of which make them very bad choices for a location to build your base. Ideal locations would be in Forests, Jungles, and Mountains. With both Forests and Jungles, you would have abundant sources of wood and certain types of animals. While in the Mountains you would have nearly endless expanses of areas to extend underground tunnels, rooms, corridors, etc, for the benefit of expanding and surviving.

Always be wary of which location you choose, because whatever location it is, it will most likely determine the entire design, set up, and layout of your base.

Thank you for reading this Survival Base How To article. For more articles and posts check my profile.

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Nice Writing!!!!!!!
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