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How to use cheap blocks right.

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Frutonkies's Avatar Frutonkies
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Do you think that dirt,sand and all the other inexpensive blocks are not useful and are junk?If you do,

please let me ask you something...What kind of block will you use to go through a pit of lava..? Golden blocks? Diamond Blocks? Lapiz lazulis ones?

Well, let me tell you something interesting. The most USEFULL block when it comes to quick paths is DIRT.You can make tons of things with dirt.Dirt and all other cheap blocks are the adventurer's and miner's favourite blocks. I am sure, nobody in the world is so smart to build diamond block paths in lava pits... Right? Well, I am going to tell you how to use these blocks right.

First of all, when you mine ALWAYS carry some kind of a really cheap block. you never know when you are going to get trapped or need to get up somewhere.

Second of all, you can make sand to sandstone. Just put (4) sand to the crafting bench like a square and it will make you (1) sandstone.

If this helped you, please take a moment to subscibe,Diamond!

Also,(If you have the time) consider commenting on this blog. I will support any kind of a feedback, even if it is bad.

Sandstone Information

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03/05/2014 8:37 pm
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