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How to Use Command Blocks


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Hi guys ruincastler1 here. As you all know (and if you don't, I'll mention it later), I have just released a very large and awesome map known as the Magic Bow. This map regards heavily on command blocks. Play it if you want to see what I mean. Here's the link:

I'll wait. For you guys out there who already know what command blocks are and have seen them in action, you're probably gonna want to know how to use them for yourselves. Here, I present my tutorial on how to use command blocks. This tutorial is geared towards players making custom maps (either adventure, survival, or minigame), but feel free to read on if you're just interested in the subject. So let's get started.

There are a few important things to know about command blocks. Let me list them quickly:

1. Command Blocks are not available in the creative menu, and cannot be crafted in survival

2. use /give [playername] 137 [amount] to obtain command blocks in creative/survival (cheats have to be enabled)

3. Command Blocks, when clicked on, open up an interface for commands to be entered. This is very different from the command interface/chat interface opened with the T key.

4. Command Blocks can only be activated by a redstone pulse.

5. Since command blocks are not meant to be seen, they have quite an ugly texture. Because of this compared with their ability to "command" over the entire map, it is possible to have certain command blocks (such as the ones controlling time, weather, and location) located all in the same place. I will teach you how to create command blocks controlling time, weather, and location.

6. A final hint: To make the command block silent (meaning that it will not announce each command executed) unless instructed to speak, type:
/gamerule commandBlockOutput false
in chat. This is EXTREMELY useful, and most good maps using command blocks have this command.

Controlling Weather, Time, and Location

So, you're making a map, and you want it to be eternal night...dang minecraft it's gonna be day in 10 minutes! Don't worry, you can use the command block to easily keep minecraft in eternal day or night. First, place a command block, open the interface, and type in this command, filling in the designated slots: @p /time set [time desired]. After that, link the command block up to an infinite redstone loop (if you want, comment and i'll include a design for one), which you can find on PMC im sure :D Activate the loop and walla! You have eternal day/night/afternoon/whatever. Keep the commands silent using /gamerule commandBlockOutput false.

You want thunder, lightning, rain...you want the perfect atmosphere for a scary spooky map! Fortunately, this can easily be toggled using the command block.
/toggledownfall and /weather thunder
Those are the two key commands. Input these into the command blocks, then hook them up to a lever. Flip the lever for rain or thunder. If you want infinite rain/thunder, use a redstone looper.

Teleportation and Location Control Coming Soon!


Update #2 : 01/09/2013 5:27:54 pm1/09/13

Added weather control paragraph and edited time control section. Sorry for weird font :D

Update #1 : 01/08/2013 6:29:01 pm1/08/13

Added a link to my newest map, Magic Bow. Check it out! It has lots of excellent examples of how command blocks can be used in a custom map effectively! Cheers!

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still don't know how to flip a lever with one D:
thanks was looking for a decent tutorial on these babies, good stuff!

+1 diamond!
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  • hugaboostar26
  • Level 17
  • Journeyman Explorer
  • January 8, 2013, 1:44 pm
Wonderful :) I've been waiting for a tutorial for command blocks :D -Diamond- Can't wait for the rest :D
Glad it's useful :D.

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