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How to win at Pvp!

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Hey guys, This time i am going to tell you how to succeed at pwning your friends at combat in Minecraft. Here will be some tips in an arranged list that will tell what you can do to improve your skills, and what not do to to improve them.
Number one.

1: Do NOT think that fighting mobs will train you in pvp.

2: An easy way to begin your attack is will some potions. Throw a weakness and a slowness. BUT make sure you are above them some what so you will not get splashed by your own potion.

3: SWORD COMBAT, What you need to do is be unpredictable. Don't let your enemy know what your about to do. Well, how do i do that? Easy. Dodge and weave like a boss! Jump around them and go behind them. Get all around them when they least expect it, so they dont know how to defend.

4: Swords or Axes? Well, swords. An axe is only as powerful as a sword 1 tier lower than it. So, an iron axe would be equal to a stone sword, which isn't that bad, but i would strive for a sword.

5: Healing? Splash healing potions are kind of risky in close quarter combat because you don't want to heal your opponent. I suggest golden apples or non-splash potions. This isn't world of warcraft guys, no healing spells. Sorry.

6: Trolling the enemy. This is the best part, if it is your friend and you wanna mess with him, bring a bunch of lava and tnt just to annoy him/her. Watch some videos on trolling your friends and take some notes.

7:How to be a NOOB. It's simple, just take an overpowered bow and spam it at your friend from a rooftop. And if your about to die, spam potions of harming and poison to try and create a sudden death.

Well that sabout it for now, I hope you enjoyed my "How to win at pvp" blog. If this helped you, or gave you a laugh, don't be afraid to diamond the blog, and if you would like to see more, visit my profile! Peace.


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