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If There Was Another Creeper Evolution What Would It Be?

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Brief Info Of The Evolution Of A Creeper

Creepers are close relatives to the cactus, this is only a theory but I believe this is true. The developers might have connected a pig and a cactus but this is true only because this on "wikipedia". The model came from a failed model of a pig and then created the creeper this is what I might think happen when they were creating Minecraft. The beginning of Minecraft was only a sandbox game then created the survival concept which added mobs and hostile mobs which then created the creeper!

What Would Happen If The Creeper Evolve?

In my perspective I think the creeper would evolve to a player time form and mixed with something else to make it unique, so it isn't going to be exactly a player. I think it might have some more abilities then the originally creeper such as BIGGER EXPLOSIONS, DIFFERENT DROPS!, Or Even Have It As A Pet. The possibilities are endless since the developers can add anything to a game!

Would You Like It To Happen

In any circumstances, yes I would like it to be added to the game it would be a incredible mob and a difficult mob. It could be added to hardcore to make the game even more harder! I am just guessing the of what it could benefit for Minecraft and even if everything else evolved.

Could it possibly be used for "EVIL"?

First time I played Minecraft I thought creepers were the worst mob ever! Overtime I have bonded with the creeper and have made friendship (IN MY MIND). It could potentially be used for evil. For example it might just be tamed so any user could control the creeper and use it to blow up bases or even blow up spawns!

What Do You Think And How What Do You Think The Creeper Would Look Like?

Leave a comment suggesting anything or as the title says! (NOTE ALL OF THESE IS JUST A THEROY)
(Pokemon LOLZ, I don't like Pokemon I just did that because I couldn't find any images that would look good)
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