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Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

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Raven Tanahishi avatar Raven Tanahishi
Level 30 : Artisan Nerd
Everyone has heard some saying that brings feeling of Hope or Inspiration

  Through the years, I have heard many sayings and phrases from those around me, some of which have stuck around and kept me going. I have a small list of my own sayings that hopefully mean something to the community.

  • When life gets you down, remember the good parts, that is your reason to continue.
  • When you mess up, keep trying. The only failure is a refusal to take a chance.
  • Strength is not being able to be the best, it is the ability to make it past tough times the best you can.
  • Every person has a purpose, it may take time to find, but you matter.

  These might not mean much, but when I feel down, these saying help me remember that things can get better!

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