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Interview with Acier!

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avatar Starlight Glimmer
Level 45 : Master Pony
Hey PMC! Today i interviewed a pretty well known user by the name of Acier! Enjoy! Also, random unrelated picture.


Question One: When did you start playing Minecraft?: I began playing Minecraft sometime in 2011. I was introduced to the game by my cousin while I was staying at his house for the week and we played in his basement. We shared a world between the two of us and his sister, so while we mined away underground she built us a city above.

Question Two: When did you join PMC and why?: I joined PlanetMinecraft in 2016 with the goal of sharing my projects. I later discovered the community and decided to stick around

Question Three: What's your favourite submission you've ever uploaded?: My favorite submission might be my rocket ship. It is certainly not the project I am the most proud of but it will always have a spot in my heart.

Question Four: Do you see yourself quitting PMC anytime soon?: I certainly hope not

Question Five: Who was/is your best friend on the site, and why?: Tau__ with an honorable mention of DragonsDungeon

Question Six: Who's your favourite artist/band?: Not sure I have a favorite artist but I would like to take this opportunity to spread the memory of Christina Grimmie

Question Seven: Who's your favourite PMC Moderator?: _Phantasm

Question Eight:What is your favourite film?: Anything Christopher Nolan touches

Question Nine: What is your favourite food?: Water gang.

Question Ten: Do you see yourself playing Minecraft 5 years from now?: I Haven't "played" Minecraft since maybe 2013. I have always been active in the community and have helped run servers and communities but I almost never actively play the game. That aside, if the community is still here in 5 years then i'll probably be here too

Thank you for reading, and thanks to Acier for doing this interview with me

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