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Introducing Fantasia - The Transition from Fanta Craft to Something Greater

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Welcome all readers, from experienced users of our content to curious newcomers, to a very exciting announcement from us here at Voyde Studios. Our moderately popular datapack Fanta Craft will no longer receive updates, and we will instead be shifting the development to a new project: Fantasia. Before anyone gets too worried, Fantasia is for the most part a "Fanta Craft 2". Fanta Craft will receive one final update to fix some critical issues but will remain on 1.16.5. Fantasia will be very similar to Fanta Craft in a lot of ways.

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There will still be a heavy focus on weapon variety, equipment progression, and custom crafting, but they will no longer be the primary focus of the project. Fantasia will incorporate more of what we truly want to add now that we have more experience, and that comes mainly in the form of creating an immersive world and greater sense of adventure.

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There were two primary reasons we wanted to shift from Fanta Craft to Fantasia. The first reason has to do with workload; given the amount of reworking of functions, recipes, textures, and more that needed to be redone to update Fanta Craft, we figured it could be easier to just remake a lot of it and call it a 2.0. Fanta Craft 2.0 then turned into a new but familiar project. The second reason has to do with the core concept of what Fanta Craft is. We came up with the idea for Fanta Craft when we saw the new combat snapshots, especially seeing the ability to modify attack reach. We wanted a datapack that greatly expanded upon weapon combat and equipment progression. We wanted to make fun, interesting combat tools for when the new combat update came out. Several years later and we're still waiting, so there was a lot else we had to add and the combat wasn't really what we wanted and it felt quite disconnected from everything else we added. Fantasia will focus primarily on aspects of exploration and adventure, as well as the story that we want to tell, all with the weapons, armor, and tools being complementary to those aspects rather than having two main concepts fighting with each other.

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This is a pretty big announcement from us, and with Fanta Craft as our second most popular creation (long live Chests 515) there may be some uncertainty around it. We will be starting Fantasia from the ground up rather than trying to tediously rework the Fanta Craft systems, so there will be a sufficient amount of change. Change can sometimes be scary but this change should be very exciting and very fun. We've learned a lot as content creators in these past few years and hope that we can make something even better than we could before.

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Given how big Fanta Craft is, and how much work we have to do for Fantasia, and also the many other projects that we are still working on, it will be quite a long time before a playable version of Fantasia is made available. If you want to keep up to date with progress we're making on Fantasia or our other cool projects then check out our community Discord server via this link, the button below, or join through our member page Voyde Studios

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10/19/2022 9:17 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
piter1904's Avatar
Hello, will it stay in 1.16.5 or change version?
10/19/2022 9:27 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Architect
Voyde Studios
Voyde Studios's Avatar
Fantasia will be in whatever the latest version happens to be when it gets released.
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