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Juicy Interview with -Cursed (The Rebellion)

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Wannabe Technoblade avatar Wannabe Technoblade
Level 25 : Expert Pig
This was a crazy interview. Many things were revealed about The Rebellion, and I will keep you up to date on all of the facts. Basically, The Rebellion is an evil PMC organization that is dedicated to burning everything.
Here is the interview with Cursed-

Wannabe Technoblade: So, Cursed-, can you tell me a little bit about The Rebellion and it's motives?

Cursed-: well the rebellion is an organization the wants to cause chaos and destruction to the world !!! We all have common enemies....I am the enemy of Hex-, Suniium is the enemy of Mooniium and roostershorts39
is the enemy of chickenpants93

We tend to enjoy making chaos and such. We hate our enemies to a great amount. We also enjoy making people very confused. This is the only information I can share right now, as all rebellion plans are confidential.

Wannabe Technoblade: nice. now, as the leader of the pig army, i have to ask, how do you feel about the pig army?

Cursed-: I feel like as long as the pig army stays far away from the rebellion and keeps a neutral or allied relationship (if it ever comes to allied times) it is fine, however if they ever wage war or attempt to attack us, war will be waged.

But this is just me I am not speaking for the entirety of the rebellion.

Wannabe Technoblade: You say that your organization wants to create chaos and destruction. Wouldn't that mean that all are enemies?

Cursed-: maybe.

Wannabe Technoblade: So what is your overall goal, besides creating chaos? How will you "create chaos"?

Cursed-: Probably just-well-I- Creating chaos is our main goal, and as a newer member of the rebellion any other goals have not been shared with me as of this time, either way it's probably not my desicion to tell you if we had any goals, as of how to create chaos, probably burn everything make so many people confused etc. etc.

Wannabe Technoblade: Who is your leader then?

Cursed-: probably Suniium. She was the first one of our kind.

Wannabe Technoblade: Yes. I remember when that account was made. So are you in communication with the leader and other members of The Rebellion? Is there an organized system?

Cursed-: Why are you only asking questions about the rebellion? I am not permitted to answer that question.

Wannabe Technoblade: This is an interview about The Rebellion. And if you're not permitted to answer that question, who is not permitting you to answer? And do they know about this interview? Are they giving you answers to every question?

*things get intense*

Cursed-: *eyes room* not that i'm aware I have simply not been given answers to these questions, I am answering honestly as far as you know

Wannabe Technoblade: I suppose I can go along with that. And now I can assume that you do have a method of communication. I would think a system this organized would have organized motives too right? Creating chaos and burning everything is a little loose right? So what's the plan?

Cursed-: Okay even if I had access to that, that is HIGHLY confidential,like I might have said this whole thing is in the making. actually I'm pretty sure I never said that sorry

Wannabe Technoblade: Hmmmmm
How can something be highly confidential with only 3 members (Suniium, roostershorts39, and -Cursed)?
How many members are there really?

Cursed-: *leaves interview*

What an eventful interview! We have learned that The Rebellion is an organization of secrecy and deception. We'll be back next time with more updates on the Rebellion.

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09/18/2021 12:45 am
Level 20 : Expert Taco
baked luigi
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im getting internet soon... im in the pig army... he he he
09/17/2021 10:31 am
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09/15/2021 1:06 pm
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chickenpants93 avatar
Want answers?
I bet that Rooster guys got some
09/18/2021 12:46 am
Level 20 : Expert Taco
baked luigi
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