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Let's Review: Team Fortress 2

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avatar Spartains
Level 27 : Expert Dragonborn
Aaaaaahhhh. Team Fortress 2. How do I review this mish-mash of a game? Lets start with the graphics!

Team Fortress 2's graphics are pretty cool! It has a cartoonish look to it. As the great Frankieonpcin1080p once said "Crash Bandicoot Graphics". I like the art style of the game a lot!

Character Development
There is no character development in this game. None. A bad thing right? NOPE! Team Fortress 2 does not need character development as its a multiplayer game. The characters on their own are pretty great! They have some really good humor. (Scout and Spy are my favorite :3)

It really depends with this game. What play style are you trying to use? Fast Pace Run n' Gun? Stealthy Spy? I can't really tell you with this. Any gameplay type is really fun! A small warning though. This game has a pretty high lurning curve.

User Frendly
Team Fortress 2 at first is not very user friendly. Its very hard to learn the game and how the classes work. Some might be discouraged from this.

Team Fortress 2 over all
Team Fortress 2 is team based game the requires a lot of team work. If your better when you work alone this game is probably not for you. Unless you play the Spy, but hes pretty hard to learn. The gameplay its pretty fun! It can be pretty un-user friendly sometimes but for the most part its pretty easy to learn how to navigate. Its hard to learn the classes though. The game is great!
                                                                                  9/10 For Team Fortress 2!

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