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MCreator - What's So Bad?

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CrazyHecticLife's Avatar CrazyHecticLife
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Before I start the actual blog, I just wanted to apoligize for my absence. I will not be uploading much from now on, but I will hopefully do something every month. But anyway, here's a new blog about MCreator! Enjoy!

If you look up the word "MCreator" on Planet Minecraft, you will see hundreds of people voicing their hatred for it. "What is MCreator and why does everyone hate it?" Is probably what you're wondering. Well, first, I'll tell you what it is.

MCreator is a neat program for Minecraft that allows you to design your own mods extremely easily. I have actually used this program and I find nothing wrong with it. I actually think it's cool. However, for some reason, everybody else HATES it. I mean, people absolutely DESPISE this program. Why? I never noticed any problems.

Well, the argument that most people use is that it is made for idiots. If they say that, they just called thousands of people idiots. They say that if you're gonna make a mod, you should make it from scratch. To me, it looks like making an MCreator mod is still making it from scratch, just with a little help and a lot less programming.

After all this, you're probably still wondering why people hate it so much. Well, it's because one group of people. That group of people... is the... terrible... horrible... no good... very bad...

I'm going to be honest here. It annoys me too. It DEEPLY bothers me. This is the one unfortunate part of MCreator. Since it is so easy, young kids and other people who should not have access to Minecraft mods are able to create their own mods in just a couple hours. The problem with that, is that they will completely ignore the rules of websites and crap out their terrible mods onto websites like PMC and Minecraft Forums. They usually use premade assetts that look terrible when you actually use the mod. By that, I mean they will do stupid things like put Nether Quartz ore into the End, or overworld. Or they'll put someone's skin as a mob and take the credit.
Then, because things like this happen, more experienced modders just claim that everybody who uses MCreator is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad modder. But, it isn't true. I have used some really awesome MCreator mods that you couldn't even tell were made in Mcreator.

But anyway, I just wanted to say that it is unfair that MCreator gets judged by one bunch of idiots. It really isn't fair that the program gets a bad reputation because of a few dumb people. So, if you ever want to make your own mod, but you don't know how, MCreator is a good place to start.

Well, thanks for reading everybody! I'm glad that you took your time to stop and read this half-decent blog by me. So, maybe you could take your time to read other less-decent blogs by me. Maybe even subscribe and diamond some things (LIKE THIS THING)! Also, you could check out some other social medias that I have like YouTube and Instagram. 
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08/16/2016 11:04 pm
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namcokid47's Avatar
TBH, I'm 13 years old (if that counts for the kids that use MCreator), and I use MCreator quite a lot. But even then, I'm trying to put some effort into it (creating original textures, proper modeling, etc.). But even then, I'll probably never release a mod. :P
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