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Mending and Fishing

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With the recent major update, 1.9 has provided the game with various things. Most were game changing, others were for aesthetics. The End had finally been tweaked and altered. Combat was of a higher level. Spam-click shall rest peacefully. Thought the update was mainly to balance the fighting aspect of Minecraft, bugs were fixed as well.

Now, staying under the topic of combat, some enchantments had been balanced. Two more have been added. One of them had bothered me for a while now. Though, it's greatly advantageous once acquired, I consider its creation Overpowered. Or as to what most people refer, OP.

And that is


Back in the old days, the only repairing station we had was the Anvil. The repairs were costly, depending on the material of your tool or weapon. Ever since the arrival of Mending, it no longer was a problem. Two hits with your Sharpness enchanted diamond sword, your broken down weapon's as good as new.

As most of you agree, Mending is of great help and saves time in repairing. But why do I complain, you ask?

The problem with Mending is that once it's acquired, you're awareness diminishes. Your sword's health no longer worries you. As most of your armors as well, assuming you'd have some for them. Minecraft is a game that challenges your mind into aspects outside your imagination. Building, Survival, Planning, Combat, etcetera. Sure, Mending is just a minor add on to the update, but think about it. You'd survive for days with a wooden sword enchanted with Mending. Even with a, I repeat, a wooden sword. As long as you get the xp's and some decent armor, the fragile weaponry proves useful. But remember, not only does the enchantment replenish your tools with Mob xp', it gains from other activities as well. Farming, Cooking, Mining, Breeding, etcetera.

But then again, the enchantment is troublesome to find. You'd have to visit the farthest of villages, or the deep dungeons. It now sounds balanced, yes? Wrong.

Which comes to my next topic


Over the past few days, Youtubers haveinvented astonishing creations. From redstone, to farming, they were all helpful for certain things. One of them, which caught my eye, was the AFK Fishing Farm. With this contraption, fishing outdoors was no longer necessary. You can leave the Minecraft tab open in your laptop for as many time as you'd like. Minutes, Hours, maybe even a while Night. You'd come back to a chest full of wonderful loot and food supply.

Now how does this apply to Mending?
Say you have a Fishing Rod. And you've applied the enchantment Luck of the Sea on it. "Treasures" would be caught more often and "junk" would be ignored frequently. Mending is a "Treasure". Now, if we apply the higher rate of "Treasures", and the fact that an AFK Fishing Farm has been invented, chances are Mending Books are going to be a part of your usual catch. You'd be surprised how many I've got from my last two hours of AFK'ing.

But all in all, this is just my opinion.
I'd advice Mojang to implement some sort of limit to Mending. A way to balance it all out.

- Esesi

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