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Minecraft: Basics, Intermediate, and Master Tutorials

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avatar CinnamonTiny
Level 28 : Expert Narwhal
The picture above is a perfect example of a tutorial around your screen in Minecraft. Lets start with the basics:
  • You can scroll through your items using the little thingy on your mouse.
  • At night, you are screwed if you aren't hiding.
  • Your default inventory opener key is the letter E.
  • If you click esc in upper left of your keyboard, you can access your options and controls and change the movement keys and such. You can also quit your game here.
  • You must press esc and quit your game when playing single player. If you don't quit from the menu that is shown through the esc key, you will lose your world.
  • Creepers are not your friends. They will try to give you a hug.
  • Different types of mobs drop different types of things.
  • Notch was the original head of Minecraft. Jeb is now the new head.
  • Stay indoors at night! I can't stress this enough. . .

Now, down to the basics of building your first house. This little tutorial will guide you through making a crafting bench and chopping down wood. It will also tell you how to break blocks and place blocks.
  1. The left key on your mouse is the button you use to break blocks.
  2. The right key on your mouse is the button you use to place blocks.
  3. To break a block, hold down the left key while facing the block. When it breaks, you can pick it up.
  4. When you pick up that block, you can scroll to it if you are not already selecting it in your inventory.
  5. Face a block and right click. The block you right clicked while in your hand should be where you placed it.
  6. Find a tree.
  7. Go to the wood part of the tree and punch all the wood you can reach until it breaks.
  8. Pick it all up.
  9. Open your inventory (Default opener is E.)
  10. Place the wood blocks into your thing in the upper right corner of your inventory.
  11. Hold down shift and click the blocks that come into the 1 slotted are next to the area you placed the wood blocks.
  12. Close your inventory.
  13. Make a box that you can fit inside of. (Needs to be at least 2 blocks tall.)
  14. Leave a entrance that is also two blocks tall.
  15. Go back to the area in your inventory that you were last at.
  16. Place one wood plank in each spot. Take the crafting table that is made.
  17. This is the end of the basic Minecraft tutorial. The next tutorial is the Intermediate tutorial.

This following tutorial is the Intermediate tutorial. Please refrain from looking at this one until you have actually mastered the Basic tutorial.
  1. Go back to the same world save from before. Make a new one and redo everything in the Basic tutorial if you didn't save it.
  2. Go outside when it is day again and gather about 20 pieces of wood.
  3. Go back to your crafting bench and make them into Wood Planks. Stay in the crafting bench for number 4.
  4. Place one Wood Plank in the bottom left corner of the crafting bench. Place another directly above it.
  5. There should be four sticks as the outcome. Take them. You can make sticks like in number 5 in your regular inventory, also.
  6. Stay in your crafting bench again. Place 1 stick in the bottom middle spot. Place another directly above it.
  7. Place one Wood Plank in the upper left corner.
  8. Place one Wood Plank in the top middle slot.
  9. Place one Wood Plank in the upper right corner.
  10. Take the outcome. It should be a wooden pickaxe.
  11. Destroy the ground until you reach stone.
  12. Mine 3 stone.
  13. You should have cobblestone in your inventory.
  14. Mine another 5
  15. Now you will have a total of 8 cobblestone.
  16. Go up back to your crafting bench.
  17. Place one cobblestone in every spot on the outer perimeter of the crafting bench item making area.
  18. Take the furnace.
  19. Place the furnace above or next to your crafting bench.
  20. Go back to your crafting bench. Place one wood plank on every spot on the left side of the crafting area in the crafting bench except the far right row.
  21. Take the door.
  22. Go outside and place the door in the opening you made.
  23. You can right click to open and close the door.
  24. Go back to your crafting bench. Place one wood plank in every outer perimeter spot.
  25. Take the chest.
  26. Place the chest somewhere in your house. Make sure that there is a one block space above it.
  27. Open the chest after you place it. You can open it by right clicking. Close it by clicking your inventory button.
  28. You can store your items in the chest. They will not be lost when you save and quit your world.
  29. This is the end of the Intermediate tutorial.

Please give me a diamond, comment, favorite, and subscribe if this helped you. The Master tutorial will be released tomorrow

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Update #1 : 01/04/2012 8:59:25 amJan 4th, 2012

Intermediate tutorial released.

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  • GamerzNL
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  • January 3, 2012, 3:45 pm
It is very very very good!

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