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MineCraft First Diamond

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nothuman99's Avatar nothuman99
Level 19 : Journeyman Ranger
Diamond First Moment

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Everyone in MineCraft Has Mined At Least Once

But Everyone Has A Different Reaction When They Find A Diamond,

Either They Mine And Find It Accidentaly,

Or Are Running From Mobs And Find A Diamond And Say "Damn! No Pickaxe"

Mine Was When I Ran Into a Mine Because I Just Saw The Life Of A Minecraftian Video And

I was Like " Im Gonna Find A Hidden Civilization" And Ended Up Seeing A Diamond

And Running To It And then As If Of Magic I Died Hearing SSSSSSS BOOM!

Comment Your Story!

In Fact!

Make Me Happy and Let Me See A Diamond To This Post!

Haven't Seen A Diamond? Well HERE is one :


Now Stop Grabbing The Screen Like A Retard, This Diamond Is Not Coming With You!

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