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Minecraft ~ Future Updates V2

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Hey guys. It's been a while since my last post, but I decided I did a newer version of upcoming features. This is not a review, its just a list. Some items coming in 1.3 are not on here because they are all over the internet. I would like to see in the comments what you guys want to see in the future. Thanks for reading!

Upcoming Features (Not yet definite)

Book press - On twitter, Jeb suggested that when asked about saving books content for later

Custom Fonts - Fonts that change your letter+number texture.[citation needed]

More sounds and music - More gameplay music and sounds by C418.

Adventure Mode - Notch mentioned that he wanted to create a "rogue-like" mode where players would be unable to destroy blocks.

A legitimate way to obtain Sponges - It has been hinted that sponges would come back as a fully functional and obtainable block in a future update[citation needed]. Although the sponge block has been available in creative mode since Beta 1.8, it currently only has the effect of creating a 5x5x5 block update and just serves for decoration purposes. It was not added and is still not obtainable in survival mode.

More potions - On Twitter jeb stated there would be 2653 more potions to be added to the game.

Cocoa Bean Trees - Jeb mentioned in a Q&A that he may add some sort of Cocoa Tree/Bush in order to regrow Cocoa Beans. He also confirmed on twitter that jungle trees may drop cocoa beans, but he's not sure how to generate them in a good and re-plantable way.

Skylands/Sky Dimension - While initially replaced by The End, Notch has expressed interest in adding a new Sky Dimension to replace the original idea.

Server Portals - According to Get Satisfaction, Mojang has marked a player's suggestion of Server Portals as "Planned." (I think this is a big yes)

Capture the Flag - Announced on Notch's Blog.

Mounting/Controlling Mobs - The ability to mount and control mobs (possibly horses). Notch confirmed it was planned but will take time at Get Satisfaction. Also Jeb said on a reddit AMA in april 2012 that he "more or less promised horses to a friend".

Minecarts as lava boats - Notch has suggested making minecarts act like boats when placed in lava.

Custom Paintings - Notch has said that custom paintings may feature in a future update.

Stereoscopic and/or Green/Magenta 3D - Notch said he would add more options for the 3D mode.

More Powerful Powered Minecarts - Notch indicated on Twitter that he wants to make more powerful Powered Minecarts since Powered Rails made them relatively useless.

Audio Loops - Audio loops have not yet been added to the game, but may be played when the player is in a specific location (In caves, woods, sea and beside a waterfall).

Ender Chests - Special chests crafted with obsidean and an eye of ender to make a server wide connected storage system (CaptainSparkelez would call it the Minecraft 'internet').

Friends list, Mulithreading, Video support and Limited Maps

Email/Name Change - Mojang has planned of adding email/name change to the game.

Special biomes - Jeb stated during his Dreamhack presentation that they were planning on adding more reasons for going to specific biomes.

Dual-wielding - Jeb stated that Notch is working on dual-wielding of items.

Portable Fireplaces/Campfires - Jeb responded in favor to a tweet about the ability to make portable "fireplaces/campfires" on the player's travels

Spikes or spike blocks - Jeb hinted a possibility of implementing spikes that would work like pistons but push out Spikes. He later considered making a Spike Block that could be pushed by Sticky Pistons instead.

Display cases/racks - Notch has stated several times on Twitter that he intends to add some way to display items such as armor and weapons

Desert Villages - NPC Villages made with sandstone rather than wood and cobblestone in deserts.

Pyramids - Rare pyramids may be added into the deserts of minecraft in the future.

The ability to name Chests - Notch has stated he will add this feature.

Zipline Mod - Notch had stated that he is interested in working with the zipline mod creator to implement parts of the mod into vanilla Minecraft following MineCon.

Red Dragon - Notch revealed during the Seecret Friday Updates(#8) that he would add dragons. One being the Ender Dragon, the other being red.

Trading with Villagers - Jon Kagstrom replied on twitter that the next villager update would probably be some kind of trading with/between villagers.

More animals - Jon Kagstrom commented on Reddit that he would like to add more animals, such as fish, birds, and tree animals, to make the game seem more 'alive'.

Different colors of wooden stairs - After initially setting this as "not plannedo jeb later said they will be added later

Thanks for reading guys. Remember that none of these are definite, so don't expect to see everyone of them added into minecraft later. Thanks!

Source: www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Upcoming_features

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Update #2 : 05/24/2012 3:06:10 pmMay 24th, 2012

Added minecraft snapshot 12w21 and new wiki resourses

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i hope tat the next update will be soon
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