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~Minecraft Glitches and Hacks~

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JWire's Avatar JWire
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Gent


Have you ever had an amazing Minecraft glitch that you want to tell everyone about? I know I have. I know some pretty awesome glitches that can be used in many-a-game play.
But instead I'm asking YOU to share your know ledge of sneaky hacks and glitches to the public.

My favorites:

Floating Boat Glitch

click picture to find out more!
Simple to make. Creates an unmovable, unbreakable, floating boat that is a stable platform and can't be used as a regular boat (you can't get into it). The best thing is that it is invincible and controllable, great for adventure maps!

{video}: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni4iRIH3Mpg

Duplication glitch



A tricky but true way to cheat. This hack can duplicate any item and still exists in 1.3.2 and probably will never get fixed.

How to:

Step 1: Drop item and save and exit from Minecraft.

Step 2: Collect items and count to ten.

Step 3: At ten, quickly press Alt-F4

Step 4: Re-enter Minecraft and get the booty!

**This glitch DOES work, but if it is not working for you, you are just probably not precise enough with the counting.**


Now tell us what glitches you know, and I might add it to this article! 0>0 ---

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10/23/2012 8:41 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
Rawwk's Avatar
Another bug is that you can make floating minecarts with the plugin craftbook.

What you need is the white wool on the reverse and tracks.
Keep pushing the minecart toward the reverse white wool until you push it past and off the white wool track.
Then just push it around and it will fly, and you can ride it, but someone has to push you.
10/24/2012 8:11 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Gent
JWire's Avatar
Could you make a video?
10/24/2012 8:19 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
Rawwk's Avatar
Sure, but since 1.4 I need to wait for the server I play on to update craftbook or craftbook to update the plugin.
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