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Minecraft Guide To PVP

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Level 44 : Master Miner
The Quick And Easy Guide to All Types of PVP!

Step 1.) The spawn...
When you first spawn you will most likely spawn in protected land the key is break away from all people and head off in a direction (any works).

Step 2.) The distance...
Everyone knows the first 2000 blocks or so is not safe at all, yet this is PVP so you do wan't to be able to raid other people, I would say a safe distance of around 5000 if you wan't to be extra safe go 10000 away.

Step 3.) The Home...
Building above ground is the worst idea ever and staying in the same base for a long time is also a bad idea, if I were you I would go super far away to build a chest room.

Step 4.) Mining...
Before you get into any battles you must be ready with armour, iron would be best. Also, get those diamonds!

Step 5.) Enchanting...
You will need to get some enchanting done if you ever wan't to prevail. The best option is to build a small sized mob trap (18x18) that only took me about 15 minutes! The drop to kill a mob is 24 blocks you will want it one less than that (slabs work best). After, you can start farming that exp and arrows.

Step 6.) Potions...
I find it vital to have a few Instant Health potions on you and Instant Damage splash potions. If you are feeling like you need it go ahead and make some slowness splash potions.

Step 7.) The encounter...
If you are lucky and you are the one not seen you may be able to pull off the sneak attack and maybe place some lava under him! If not you both may meet head on. When you start your battle make sure you have everything you need on you such as weapons, armour, potions, lava bucket. I normally start off with some arrows if we are not to close, but if you are close go ahead and hit him with some potions and start hitting him with your sword. Jumping while in battle helps because it provides you with more damage towards the opponent.

Step 8.) Looting...
If you found their base you best be moving fast, they may back. After you finish looting rid of their base essentials and leave.

Step 9.) Beast mode...
Continue this gain allies and win.

My general inventory for PVP'ing consists of:

1. Diamond Sword, Sharpness IV
2. Instant Health II
3. Instant Health II
4. Potion of Poison II
5. Potion of Slowness II
6. Potion of Harming II
7. Potion of Harming II
8. Golden Apple x3
9. Cooked Beef/Pork x10.

General Armour

ALL ARMOUR: Fire Protection IV, Protection IV, Unbreaking III

You Have Now Finished The Minecraft Guide To PVP! Now Go Out There And Kick Ass. *Or Die Trying!*

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