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Tips n' Tricks to Win The Minecraft Hunger Games

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5 Steps To Winning the Minecraft Hunger Games

Step 1:

Master PVP. You know, the hunger games is almost all about pvp, fighting, and each combat. And of course if you die, the game is over, so better not die and win all of you battles!

So when youo re attacking with a sword, jump. That creates a creates critical hits, and criticals double the damage given. I cannot stress how important jumping is!

Also, when youo re running towards an ennemi, allways push yourself towards the right or the left right before striking, this will disorient the ennemi, and youo ll end up hitting him without him hitting you.

Do not forget this: Surprise attacks are the best. Yes they are.

If you surprise attack an ennemi, youo re chances of actually killing him are nearly tripled! Because the time it takes for him to realize that someone is attacking, wield his sword and turn around, heo ll be almost dead.

So surprise attack enemies, and of course dono t get surprised attacked by allways looking in back of you!

Step 2: Chests

Chests are a really important source of food, armor, and weapons, wich is all you need to win the survival games. So have a chest route planned for every game, and go for those chests until you have some decent weapon and if you want some decent armor.

After you have that, all you need to do is to start killing people! Why spend you time looking in other chests when you can start killing some people and taking their stuff? The stuff people have are usually much better than what you might find in the chests. Of course, youo re putting yourself in danger, but whato s the survival games without the thrill of fighting enemies? Plus youo ll rack up some kills, and if you like getting points, youo ll get tons!

Note this: allways run for the center, because it is worth it. The stuff that spawns in the center is usually much better then what you might find anywhere else! Besides if run there take your stuff and then run away, youo ll completely safe. 99 percent of the time that is.

Step 3 : In game Alliances

If you come across someone trying to team with you in the middle of a game, chances our heo s planning on betraying you! So you have two choices: either you accept his alliance and betray him first, or you run away like a little kid.

Betraying isnt as bad as you may think. Heck, ito s even sometimes usefull! But fake alliances are not the only ways to use as baits. For example, there is what I call the bridge trick. This is my in game reaction to someone using that trick against meo ¦

So yeah, pretty damn efficient! Another thing you could do is to put some stuff on the floor and wait for someone to come, and then you just kill him. But that trick is really quite slow.

Step 4: Teams

I have one word to say about teams is that they help tremendously. Two people are obviously stronger than one.

But to be honest, winning the games with a teammate is not nearly as badass as winning them aloneo ¦

So yeah, your choiceo ¦

Step 5: ito s your game. I could go on and on about how to win the survival games with hundreds of other tips and tricks that I could teach you! But the best way to win is to have fun. Yes. Having fun is the best to win.

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10/02/2013 2:35 pm
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Lol run away like a little kid.. xD - Puppy
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