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Minecraft: Just what kind of game has it become? How has it changed! [I'm back!]

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Hello it is Rusty here! Coming back from a long trip, curving around the milky way, and smashing you all with a brand new blog!

The topic, Minecraft (ikr! A blog about Minecraft... ON A MINECRAFT SITE! Heavens were do I come up with such brilliant ideas?). More specifically, what the game has become, how the audience has changed, how the goal has changed, how the play style has changed, all will be discussed!

From exploring the sandbox to exploring the deserts.

Something that probably all of us can agree on. Minecraft slowly morphing from a pure 'build anything and everything' game to a 'RPG voxel game'. Don't get me wrong, none of these are bad! In fact the fact that the game has a little bit of both is one of the reasons it is such a popular game, but the real point is will it stay 50/50? Or will it slowly become less and less about building? Back in very old versions of Minecraft, the only thing you could do was build, but that was the game, it was sort of like legos for adults, and on could even say that most of the players were fairly older.

As the game has continued to grow, it seems players get younger, because the game became more fantasy. Really it's not that it became all fantasy, it's just it seemed after a while, Mojang started focusing less on building, and more on the exploring [#BlameJeb]. Once again, do not misinterpret my meaning, exploring is very good for a game like Minecraft, as it adds more depth and change to your environment, but is the game ever forcing you? Think back to regional difficulty added back in 1.6, instead of the more you explore the harder it gets, Mojang has embraced a opposite, the game gets harder if you stay in one place, which is really stupid in the case you really don't like exploring.

To wrap up my thoughts, I will conclude with these final words. Back in alpha, I could see people saying how 'there was nothing to do in Minecraft' or that 'it was boring', and that is the main reason why the game has changed. There are two types of players, one who are in it for building and surviving, and those who are in it for exploration, slaying, and otherwise conquering of all their world. For mainly this reason, I believe the game has become less fun for people who enjoyed Alpha the most, and more fun for people who thought it 'boring', still there are a lot of people from alpha who do agree this change was very good, but some think the change was bad.

"Back in the Original days Notch did not mean for it to go as far as it did. But even from the beginning this game was seen mainly by creative adults with access to the internet. The game was basic. W,A,S,D to move, right-click to break and left click to place. There was no inventory and the only thing you could place was cobblestone or grass if on the grass level. You couldn't fly but you could break the blocks instantly. It's fascinating to look at now and compare to what we have now.

As Minecraft has evolved it has become more kid friendly, just like the internet. This caused more kids, and teenagers to find it and love it. Before the main playing goal was to figure things out but as the game has evolved so has that idea. The game is now focused on collaborating building and defeating enemies. It has become more complicated and open. And fun :D"

Thanks to munchiesyum for giving your thoughts! Be sure to check him out!

A younger audience

Since the official release of Minecraft, I have heard but one thing from almost everyone:

"WTF Another 10 year old running around"
"Why!? Why is every server run by immature 12 year olds?"
or in some cases, even:
"Dem squealers..."

Not being age discriminative or anything, but it's what you hear...
Why is it more young people are playing Minecraft? Why is it that the age group appears to be younger? I will give my thoughts on this.

Imagine yourself at 10 years old. Go on. Do it. DO IT NOW! DOOOOO IIIIIIII-
Now realize your mostly immature, imagine what games you might like? RPG games? Fantasy games? Games you can't stop playing? Now imagine Minecraft in it's early days. It is literally a square world where you build anything you want, now for most kids this is really cool, but with some limitations that Minecraft puts up, it may not be so fun. You, still imagining your young self, get bored of building the same thing over and over, so you move on to another game with fancier graphics, coolers mechanics, and lots of weapons.

Now imagine your older, what games would you like? Your average Call o' duty? Puzzle games even? Now imagine a low graphic game, where you have simple swords to kill enemies that have the death effect budget of $10. Of course the game looks interesting, you may try it, but afterwards it gets repetitive, killing the same enemy's. Hey the scenery is nice, in fact it keeps changing, however there is hardly any flat land to build on, unless you want a desert home, and removing all that grass from the fields is a real bother in creative mode! But super flat is troubling because there are no mountains or other such scenery you'd find in a normal world.

I have said this before, and I will say it again, this game has come from being creative adult legos to a infinite exploration slaying-surviving-rpg-like building game. The key words to notice here is 'exploration', and as I previously noted, the game now focus' more on exploration. As for a conclusion to the previous paragraph, ever walked all around your Minecraft world, looking for the perfect spot to build your dream house, but you have to destroy and dig up entire mountains just to obtain a flat plot? I know for me, that always happens.

In the matter of Servers

Another note we have. Minigames. And from that, servers. Not to say the multiplayer world of Minecraft somewhat spoiled the game, but that a younger audience came from such. Ever notice the more you can do the more bored you feel? People can be bored of Minecraft, and so they play all the mini-games they can, but in the end they insult it more. A sub-type, PVP, has also effected Minecraft. You go onto a Minecraft server, wow there is factions, protected builds! You feel amazing! You mine a diamond and as your face lights up you turn back to your house and go ho- wait what's that? Out of the blue, a full diamond gang of minecrafters looking to PVP to their hearts contents force you into a battle, and you, being extremely outnumbered, are killed, and those pvper's make off with all your stuff, even your diamonds and food. For most this is the natural, but to quote from an anonymous:

"I hate PVPers, isn't the whole point of multiplayer to survive the night together? Not to survive against each other?"

Again to reflect to the audience change, this PVP would normally attract a different type of players.

Another big note which caused a weird twist to the Minecraft community. Griefers. Everyone really has a grudge against griefers, in fact I'm sure you'd be banned if you bluntly said on your server 'I am a griefer'. But how has this affected the community? In a big way, if you know where to look. Not only have griefers spawned more griefers, but they have also decreased server freedom, as in there are less places to build, or go into without being killed. Same goes for raiders and other such players. Still for certain players of this play style, griefers and raiders, thieves etc. do offer a sort of wider ranger if your into that playing style, however that only proves more how the community has changed.

To wrap things up, here is a thought train from that quick prism, SpeedyCube:

"As far as the updates go, I really don't care much about them anymore. People have been exaggerating about how bat the updates are, I think it is fine. I really liked the 1.7 update, though. It would be cool to see a huge, major update that could change the game quite a bit, as minecraft has gotten a bit bland and I play it a bit less now.

For the community and audience, I really don't know about the age group. I've only been around since beta 1.7.3, and haven't heard much about the age group other than "omg its a 12 year old." I have one thing to say about servers, though. Minigames severely damaged Minecraft multiplayer. I'd say the general community is definitely doing good, though. I don't expect it to fall until 2015-2016."


Mods, Mods everywhere

Promise no hate? Ok. Before I get started on this point, a warning some modders may not enjoy reading this next section.

Mods, both in a good and bad way, have also had an effect on the game, the community, the audience, etc. In good ways, mods are good if people get tired on vanilla, and as for including multiplayer plugins they offer a new feeling to the gameplay, but there is a bad side to this. As much as mods are great for keeping the game alive, in fact Mojang even admitted the community mods make the game what it is today, how many people do you know who play pure vanilla? What about servers? SITES? EVEN RIP-OFFS? REALMS? ICECREAM STORES? So it may be bad that half of the players don't play the pure original game, but I can say it has helped.

However there is a part of mods that destroyed the game, mainly that people wish vanilla was more like mods, or even those who can't download mods, even those who lay JUST for mods. This causes havoc when certain things happen to the games code, for example:

In the recent update 1.7, Dinnerbone pointed out he 'changed thousands of lines of code!'. However this means most mods being updated took a while or are taking a while. Imagine what it is for the people who only play for the mods? What happens to those who rely on mods to make the game interesting? A good way to temporary lose fans, but sometimes people can really just quit the game.

A well met conclusion

Lots of things were said, but it's about time to wrap up this blog! In conclusion, I believe that Minecraft has changed in a lot of good ways, as well as bad ways. But the game is what it is, and we can't stop the constant change, every day the community changes, and when that community which influences the game updates changes, so does the game. So it's sort of like a food chain, when one thing changes, the whole chain is affected!

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Please leave your opinions in the comment section below about how you think the game has changed for the greater good, or bad! Also be one the first commenter's I might include you in my next blog :)

Honorable comment reel

"I agree mini games have ruined the game but I even find myself playing them. They are fun but too set up for certain things to happen over and over. I also agree that server restrictions are terrible. They force you to go down a certain path and they don't let you step out of that path at all. They even encourage griefers to see if they can get past the restrictions. In fact server restrictions make me dislike the server more and feel less connected to the people running the server. Like a peasant and a king."


"I HATE being stalked by little forever alone 9 yr olds on servers. My brother told me to play on a server, I did, and it had MARRIAGE PLUGINS there was this little noob who kept spamming to marry me, i kept declining but he started spamming 'RAPUNZEL MARRY NOW. RAPUNZEL MARRY NOW. MARRY ME OR I'LL DESTROY YOUR HOUSE' (rapunzel101 is my ign btw) until he found some other girl who wasn't 'married'. Sad, sad kids. All I can say to them is GET A LIFE."

-+KawaiiMiku+-- [The best comment ever]

"Well the biggest which completely is ruining minecraft is pvp factions griefing raiding. Minecraft multiplayer has turned from sandbox game to destroying game. Notch didn't created it just to destroy other people stuff. What happened with old good survival servers? I mean these pvp servers are really taking over minecraft because i own a nice survival server who doesn't have griefing or raiding. Yes it has factions and just pvp but i use factions for players to protect their bases. Servers who have pvp and survival are still good, but the ones with griefing stealing and raiding are the worst ones."


"The PVP section of multiplayer and the part about Alpha players not enjoying the game as much are what caught my eye. I remember back in beta, we didn't have enchanted diamond armor and sword jerks running around spawnkilling everyone on the server. We had a server with a smaller group of mature, older teens who worked together to build a multitude of small towns, all with different design schemes. There was never a murder, and when someone was attacked by zombies, all his friends would come to his assistance. My first night on one sever, I was hiding in a hole on the ground during the night, and told the people on the server that. next thing I know, 4 guys in iron Armour came and helped me to their base, where they helped me get started and gave me several stacks of wood, lots of food, and some iron tools.

Now, when I go on servers like that, I get spawnkilled before minecraft can load the land 4 chunks away from me.

#BlameJeb for turning Minecraft into a combat oriented game."


Creditmunchiesyum, SpeedyCube

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The honorable comment reel : by -Rusty- 12/17/2013 7:46:51 pmDec 17th, 2013

Just something I thought I'd start doing :)

Since you all have such AWESOME comments! I love reading them all Everyone has great opinions. I'm surprised not every one of them is a blogger!

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05/28/2014 12:39 pm
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voT fUr pEdrO
05/28/2014 12:44 pm
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*thumbs up*
01/24/2014 1:34 am
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Problem is is that i feel most Updates dont support the builders that much in the way of a few blocks here n there. I mean sure, the stained clay and quartz are really nice to build with, but still, somewhat feels a lack of enough blocks to build awesome things out of.

EDIT: I also feel that a younger audience is good in a way, the problem is people coping with it and the general Doxa (Common beliefe) That most people that are young are stupid and annoying.
Kind of upsets me too see abuse towards "Squeakers"
01/24/2014 10:55 am
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Yes, well Ageism is still pretty bad.

(Want to know something? I actually started that name, 'ageism', it went viral ;-; and no one will ever know or even think it was me :[)
01/24/2014 3:40 pm
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01/15/2014 11:54 pm
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I love old minecraft wayyyy better. ALPHA AND BETA FTW!
01/24/2014 10:54 am
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those beta'ers...
12/25/2013 12:33 am
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On pretty much every faction server spawn, all it is is a giant bundle of dirt islands, towers, holes, and 3x3 houses
12/23/2013 7:15 pm
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Join a RP server if you don't want PvP hackers etc on it, some great ones out there if you have the contacts.
12/23/2013 11:33 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Procrastinator
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I'm not really complaining about it, I'm just saying there are different types of people...
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