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Minecraft Linux/Ubuntu Help!!

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This is only my 2nd linux/ubuntu help for minecraft but its most likely my last cause im getting Windows 7 today or tomorrow...but you might wanna download minecraft or stuff like that, the first thing is, MCPatcher!!!
you can get it: mcpatcher.net ... then to download i made a script file...it doesnt download, but it runs mc patcher :Dhttp://www.mediafire.com/?1bmo38kq3kxts9zalthough its a script file, theres 2 things you need to do: either put the jar file in ur home so that the D is: /home/name/ or the D /home/name/Downloads with the same name for everything cause its CaSe SeNsItIvE but name spot should be your login. then you have to change the jar name to: McP.jar . then just click on my file and PATCH!!!

You might not have MC not yet downloaded and want it to be downloaded:http://www.mediafire.com/?x344v1x83q72ddjyou dont have to do anything for this but, go into command station, bash, konsole, or whatever yours is called and do: ./Min then hit Tab button then it completes it for you...if it doesnt properly complete it however, then do it like this: ./Minecraft_Installer_20.sh :D now the last thing it gives you options of what to do...
once you complete those options click the bottom left application on windows its Start on linux/ubuntu its Kickoff Aplication Launcher. in it, click applications, then scroll to the top, click on the one with the folder icon...called alloc-menu. then drag the Minecraft out of it onto your desktop so you can use it like how others do! HAPPY MINING!

The last one is: Minecraft fixing!!! Tons and tons of linux/ubuntu users that have minecraft have the black screen after login issue...whats wrong? the problem is: the java files got pretty badly messed up...but, i have a fix for that!!!http://www.mediafire.com/?c2ynwtlbjt74ndt

ITS TRUE!!! NO THIS is not a joke...i dont wanna mess up your computer why would people do that? especially when its illegal to give them out!!! but anyways completely virus free!!!

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