Minecraft Love story Part 3.

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Minecraft Love story Part 3.

It was a warm afternoon and Steve was talking to Carol about his family and how he got his farm. Carol listened like she was all ears. Steve wasn't living alone all his life, he was living with his sister Stacia. Steve and Stacia owned the farm (the one that Steve was staying in now). Stacia was living with Steve for 2 years until she had to leave, her "boyfriend" wanted her to stay with him. So Stacia left Steve alone in the farm.
Steve and Carol finally reached the village. The sun was shining brightly upon them and the villagers greeted them kindly. Steve led Carol to the black smith and found Blacksmith Billy working hard on the diamond sword he was fixing. Billy looked up and stared at the customers he had in front of him. He smiled for he knew Steve, but made a quizzical look upon Carol.
" Afternoon, Steve! Who do you have here? You don't usually have guests am I wrong?" Billy said, wiping his forehead which was full of sweat.
" This is Carol, and Carol meet Billy. Billy is my number one Black smith in this village, you can trust him!" Steve said.
" Nice to meet you, Billy!" Carol said, sticking him arm out to greet him formally.
" You to, my lady! What brings you here, Steve?" Billy said, focusing on Steve more then Carol.
" I need a new iron sword for Carol here, and do you have bread I can trade?" Steve replied, looking behind Billy's shoulder to see if there were bread lying around." Yes, I have bread. A new Iron sword? That, I can do to. In fact I have one in stock now, just need to polish it and it's all yours. Just wait here. That would be 15 emeralds!"

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