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Minecraft Mods- DEAD. (Also where I have been for the past 7 months :P)

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avatar MinecraftDonut
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Wow. I have not done this in like 7 months! So what's up PMC!? What's goin on? How's the family? Anyway, you guys havent seen mods from me in almost a year now, and you are probably wondering why. Well- it's because Minecraft mods are kind of dead. From what I have seen, all the mods are now the same. Add some foods or tools, maybe some blocks and items- and BOOM. Mod. Then for a title? Is it original? No. Does it have the word "mo" or "craft in it? Yes. THEN YOU HAVE A PRETTY DARN GOOD MOD, RIGHT!? No. You see the lack of originality in mods )especially on PMC) has gone lower than the depths of the nether. So that brings me to why I have kinda "quit" PMC. It's honestly because I found a better source for Minecraft content. Its name is r/Minecraft. Don't get me wrong- PMC is a fantastic website, but I just can't handle the "GUYZ JOIN MY REALLY COOL ORIGINAL PVPORIGINALPRISONRAIDFAPNOBODYGIVESACRAP SERVER!" as well as the, "HEY GUYS LOOK AT MY REALLY COOL ANIME ART BLOG, MY EMERALD TOOLS MOD, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MY TEXTURE PACK THAT CHANGES 2 BLOCKS." On the Minecraft subreddit there is none of that. There is (mainly) no stupid Anime posts, no dumb server ads, and most importantly all the stupid stuff gets voted off by the community. Look I'm not trying to bash PMC or anything, but I've moved on. So in summary: Minecraft mods are dead, most of the creativity in minecraft is gone, and I love reddit. Thats it for now, see you guys in another 7 months :P


P.S. MY VOICE IS SEXY NOW :D (So check mah youtube)
Creditplease dont remove this post, it matters to me :P

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  • January 23, 2015, 7:38 pm
Nice point, but the true reason you've been gone is because of Lord Gaben. Don't think I don't know about your secret missions to the steam hierarchy...

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