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What is Minecraft Nexus ?

Hello fellow Minecrafters ! Brent95b Here with the latest news on my Role Playing Server - Minecraft Nexus. Now, first of all Minecraft Nexus is a private server , this means its INVITE ONLY , because i am currently running it on my personal computer, so I will not be giving out any server information, etc. Now you are all probably asking yourselves - "Another private server? well why the hell would I be interested in that?!" - Well, my good people, here is why : I'm sure at some point you all just wanted to settle down to a nice , survival, role playing server - where there was surprise and adventure around every corner, right?! Well, Minecraft Nexus brings you that in a neat little bundle - for free :) For those of you 'Less Adept' at building, pardon my arrogance, we have decided to provide you with pre-built custom maps , specialized for role playing servers with built in quests, alliances, skins , and even an intriguing story line - No mods necessary ! (Although, if you planned on adding some, it would only enhance the experience).
In saying so, the purpose of this blog is to let everyone know of Minecraft Nexus's intentions, and for you guys to post your likes, dislikes, complaints, and suggestions ! If you tell us about something you would like to see in a future map, chances are we will try our best to do so ! For additional information , click the link below ! Under the 'info' section there, you will see templates for game modes of our server - these are optional , you do not have to use them - and as well, our story line. Our maps can be found under my 'projects' , and skins, obviously, under 'skins' , on this site - Enjoy !

Enjoy our work? Support us by clicking the 'Like' button on our page :)
CreditBrent95b and BrandonL14 - The Minecraft Nexus Admins

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