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Minecraft: Overworld Invaded Chapter Two

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avatar Ancroz_Azure
Level 25 : Expert Geek
Saphrine stood in pure anger and hatred. She watched as the king's body fell and disappeared, leaving just his armor and crown along with some bread. She sheathed her sword and quickly regained calmness as she straightened her posture.

Saphrine turned and walked out of the room. Her soldiers followed her.

"It seems that we must go to the Overworld. We will invade and when the location of the crystal is revealed, it will be much easier to obtain. It's time we made them aware of the Ender Devils..."

"Ma'am...is that wise?" a voice peeped up from the crowd. Saphrine quickly sprung around and in a swift motion threw her sword into the one who spoke behind her. She calmly walked over and retrieved her sword out of the body.

"I have not fought for this role as queen for any of you to question me. I have endured many years of pain and despair. I will not fail. Not now..."

She led her silent army out of the castle and into the city ruins. The brick stairs separated tall towers that had holes and smoke coming out of them. Prisoners were being led to fenced off areas as a makeshift brig. They crossed a bridge to board an End ship before departing off into the void.

Saphrine sat in her quarters, at a desk with a large purple window behind her that gave a good view of the void.

The room was only seven blocks wide and tall. Saphrine sat in the middle while a young woman stood behind her at the window. The young woman was named Emily. Emily was Saphrine' s sister and closest (and only) friend. She wore a bright yellow and white shirt with a long and thick belt at her waist. She also had bright ginger hair that traced down her shoulders. Saphrine sat unmoving and patient. She was waiting for their arrival. Emily had an endermite on her arm that she was petting.

"Wowza, after all this time we're going back? I thought we would never!"

"Never say that again...wowza..." Saphrine said without moving.

Emily chuckled, setting her endermite down to run around. "You know you should take off that helmet. You've been wearing that for days now. It's not healthy. I'm glad we're gonna get some sun for a while."

The endermite ran up Saphrine' s desk making a chirping sound. It settled next to her hand. Saphrine crushed with her fist as it made a little chirp. The small creature disappeared in a small puff on smoke.

"Oh, come on. These aren't easy to grow, ya know!" Emily took out a small egg out of her belt that was dark purple and black spots on it. She broke it open and another endermite crawled out. It made a squeaking noise as it climbed up her shoulder.

"If that thing touches me again, I will make sure you can never grow those again..." The endermite seemed scared and backed up away a little.

"Gee, harsh. I'm gonna get some food, want anything?" She stretched and went to the door. Saphrine said nothing. "Fine, suit yourself." She left the room and onto the wide deck of the ship. IT looked like any other ship, just made of purpur and end bricks. The warriors had now taken off their armor, revealing their black skin with glowing purple veins.

Emily and Saphrine had discovered the Ender Devils years ago, fighting to control their race. Saphrine quickly rode to the top with Emily right behind her. The sisters killed their rulers and took their society for themselves. Now they both had an army for whatever they wanted or needed with an almost limitless supply of materials. Any traitors or rogue soldiers were quickly killed off.

The workers quickly moved supplies around on the ship, going downstairs or coming up. A lookout with a golden spyglass looked out from the crow's nest. Then, it appeared. The main island where the Ender Dragon was slain. It's obsidian pillars were dead with silence as they approached. As they got closer, Emily could see the bedrock portal gleaming with the usual glow from within. Unlike the one at the End city, this portal could not be destroyed.

Saphrine walked out from her quarters, looking pleased. She pulled out her sword. "My crew! Prepare for an invasion, we have a hunt to go on!"


The night was silent and dark, and the evil mobs who trudged along didn't help that feeling. Off to the side of a mountain was a small cave marked with dark red banners gave an ominous feel to the environment. Suddenly, there was a rustle by a bush. A nearby zombie limped towards it, curious to see what it was and if he could eat it.

An iron sword swiped from the bush, cutting the zombie into two pieces and moved back into the bush just as fast. A young man's head emerged from the top, looking around with his bright blue eyes. The coast was clear, and he sprinted into the cave armed with a chest plate, sword, and shield.

The inside of the cave seemed normal, only lit with a few redstone lamps in the ceiling to prevent mob spawning. It continued down for a few dozen blocks, and there was no ore to be found. It eventually led to a stone brick wall with a few buttons in a number pad pattern.

"You guys had way too much faith in this little fetch quest..." he said before pulling out a torched piece of paper with some numbers on it. He punched them into the wall, and a piston door opened, revealing a warm yellow glow from the inside.

He entered the room. Inside was a five by five hole that ran twenty blocks down and was filled with lava at the bottom. A shaft ran from the side of the bottom and into the next room. The man pulled out his pickaxe and began climbing down. It was faster to just stick his picks into the wall and climb down the side than to dig down.

When he reached the bottom, he let down some water from a bucket that solidified the lava into obsidian. Now the path was clear. The shaft only led five blocks in, and had something blue on a pedestal. A medallion with a yellow arrow insignia on it. Next to it was a chest with a book in it. The man took it out and opened it up. There were names and dates from decades ago. He wrote down his own and the date at the bottom.

Rift. 1569 G.D.

After taking his reward, Rift walked away humming to himself. Then something hit him on the head, making him lurch forward.

"Ow! Who-"

There was no one there as he recoiled. But something lied on the floor. It was a small red crystal that glowed in a strange way. After picking up the strange item, he noticed there seemed to be a spiral shape in the center that almost seemed....alluring.... He stopped staring at it, not wanting to go insane and shoved into his inventory.


I hope you all enjoyed!
Want to see the chapters sooner? Follow me on Wattpad, more completed parts are on there.
My name is -Ancroz-
CreditI also want to thank Radishologist/Todd for inspiring me to write this story!

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