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Minecraft Player Head Collection

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SpaceBears avatar SpaceBears
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
Hello, welcome to my first post!
This is a collection of player usernames with skins that have heads you can use as decorations in your Minecraft builds.
*Warning - These player skins may change! (But probably not)*

You may be wondering, "Why don't I just use one of those websites with thousands of heads that don't change?" My answer to that is, this collection of heads is meant for servers that don't allow use of command blocks for individual players. Like creative servers such as EDawg878.com.

I've been collecting these heads for quite a while now, and have decided to finally share them. If you have any suggestions for more heads to add to this list, please write them in the comments!

Here are a few commands that could work if you don't know how to get heads in game.
e.g: /give @p minecraft:skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:DalekCraft}
e.g: /i head:3 1 player:Herouran
e.g: /head player:EridansWand

Check https://namemc.com

Pearl_xD - Candle

OrtyBortorty - Toilet Paper

Ballet06 - Green Lampshade (Face facing wall)

CauseOreos - Pink Lampshade (Face facing wall)

Animezingkay - Purple Lampshade (Face facing wall)

AsunaYuki_Bear - Blue Lampshade (Face facing wall)

AloisTrancy03 - Yellow Lampshade (Face facing wall)

GrayAlien - Some Sort of Machine

bowls - Fish Bowl

TheRubixCube12 - Rubik's Cube

Seska_Rotan - Earth/Globe

Vinesauce - Mail Box

kpeg905 - Basket Ball

Ball - Soccer Ball

Spinken5840 - Milk

FluffyPancakes - Pancakes

Poke_Ball - Soda Can

FlabbenBaggen - Can

NnOoMmIiSs123 - Salad

KiwiClipClop - Kiwi

ButteredButter - Lemon

MHF_Cake - Cake/Cupcake

iPWR - Colorfulness

582 - Heads Sign (Great for head shops)

_Angels - Sand

MrPepe - Dark Block

Informd - ?

xCosmicNinja - Smiling Face

IM_ - Heart

budderboy201 - Glass

Dells10 - Evilness

GetBiffed - Rainbow/Dark Curls

CybermanAC - Blue/Black Squares

Onnowhere - Holograph

1001 - Colorful Squares

StoutlandPlays - Dark Smiling Face

dandude4444 - Green Face

G00gle_ - Google Chrome

MajesticVolgal - White/Rainbow Pattern

moosify - Polished Andesite Block

sylpDesign - White Cube

LilyIsHot - Nether/World

BomberWorld11 - Night/Day

CrazySmilez - 5 Smiles

SkyredDX - Red Troll Face

fodcobra - Purple Smiling Face

Aipomy - Red/Blue

Donavin04 - Bee

PingiPuck - Penguin

Graelien - Gray Alien

Grey_Alien - Gray Alien

Warenz - Sunflower Man

Dragoneon - Fire Dragon

BOMBKNIGHT - Bomb Helmet

mennako - Knight Helmet

Commie_Chameleon - Robot

snakybook5 - Warrior

Memehut - Pig With Mustache

kyroshin - Wanderer

BrickmasterEmc - Evil Skeleton

Dreamz - Derp Steve

GreasyCap - Smoking Raccoon

999 - Crazy Steve

48s - Goblin

QuaTa - Robot/Gingerbread Man

godzi11a1 - Monster

xBenji118x - Owl

Sulleyy - Rabbit

ThomAnn100 - Dog

Amoeba_Master - Puffer fish

Mexican - Sombrero Man

CoolWhip - Sombrero Man

Vimmers - Penguin

Lil_nisi - Orange Jacket Dude

Bear - Bear

Stefan10 - Koala

kawaiiduck - Duck

LeftShark - Shark

DeRiseax - Polar Bear

CookieMonster - Black Bear


ullamiliona - Black Cat

jarkpzf - Orange Cat

12345 - Chicken

ThePoup - Chicken

brokenbow07 - Gray Dog

_Pug_ - Pug

Alexyajean - Black Dog

Ovals - Gray Cat

Magical_Espeon - Gray Dog

MasterCheifMisty - Brown Cat

Steakosaurus - Lizard

creepertdg - Alpaca/Pug

Windighost - Rabbit

Crazy_Walrus256 - Walrus

LadronDeGatos - Skeleton Lord

MckTuccker - Bird (May be Pokémon)

Mr18 - Piccolo

SeaWarrior6 - Guardian

__TARDIS__ - Chick

Cat - Black Cat

elephant - Elephant

sebatianunkist - Anime Person (IDK it just looks cool)

iBigDaddy_ - Robot Suit

backhandauto93 - Purple Rabbit

Puffman126 - Puffer Fish

Cringe - 4-Faced Nyan Cat

FluffFluff_gamer - Polar Bear

TyShine - Robot

implings - Fish

esahCx - Spongegar

ViiG - Golden Knight Helmet

Brood - Red Robot

MLP Ponies
Rainbow_Dash - Rainbow Dash

EpicMuttonChops - Rainbow Dash with Sunglasses

flutter_shy - Fluttershy

TwilightSparkle - Twilight Sparkle


SweetieBelle - Sweetie Belle

Princess_Luna - Princess Luna

Scootaloo - Scootaloo

Captain_Char - Princess Celestia

Salamander_ - Gray Pony

AppleBloom - Apple Bloom

lemonek2004 - Red Mushroom

ItzSheoul - Purple Mushroom

DarkMiner33 - Light Blue Mushroom

BioBanana_ - Rainbow Mushroom

BotFrost - Yellow Mushroom

Baby_Shroom - Pink Mushroom

xao - Blue Mushroom

diamondking3180 - Screaming Red Mushroom

Diamondhunter111 - Old Green Mushroom

MushDaMushroom - Old Red Mushroom

Cpt_Horus - Brown Mushroom

Fennekin - Eevee

Jolteon - Jolteon

mdebarros - Umbreon

Vaporeon - Vaporeon

Espeon - Espeon

Glaceon - Glaceon

_Flareon_ - Flareon

15TailedUmbreon - Blue Umbreon

Leafeon_ - Leafeon

Blueflowerpot - Glaceon

Roogy88 - Latias

mew2keegan - Mewtwo

*I did not make any of these skins

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11/10/2016 9:37 am
Level 42 : Master Network
hooptiecoupe avatar
Always helpful to know but... It would help of you added pics of the heads that you list in the spoilers.

Also... You say this is to use on servers that dont allow use of command blocks.. Yet, your saying use /give {datatag here} which is a command block command. So, if a player cant use command blocks how can he use the command your saying to use to get the heads?

Honestly, theres quite a few pmc projects that allow you to grab heads very easily ( like mine)

I would recommend to turn this blog into more of a review and showcase of the best maps and projects that help server owners and map makers get heads for there maps.

Inlcuding also websites to go to.... Theres atleast 3 that i personally know of. But if you know of more. Yiu can add those in a spolier called head based websites.

This blog as a potential to be very good and useful. I hope your able to do the research and put more work i to it.
11/10/2016 6:24 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
SpaceBears avatar
Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to take your ideas into consideration and make this blog more clear!
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