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Minecraft secrets you probably don't know about...

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KaxZuki's Avatar KaxZuki
Level 44 : Master Explorer
These are some things that you might not know about Minecraft. ENJOY!

#1 Breathing underwater
There is a way to breath underwater, (besides new potion) Just take a bucket with you and use it and you will "somehow get 1x1x1 block of fresh air.

#2 Gliding on blocks
If you put a slab block on an ice block, you can use it to glide on the ice.

#3 Music disk generator
If a skeleton kills a creeper with his bow, The creeper will magically drop a music disk.

#5 Free extra wool!
If you paint a sheep then sheer it, It is a chance you will get extra wool. If you are lucky it will drop more than 5 blocks.

#6 How to get Villagers to fall in love!
all villagers can fall in love, They just need an empty house and some doors and they will make a baby! awww <3

#7 Zombie pigs!
The ONLY way to make a big a zombie pigman is for it to get struck by lightning. And yes, it HAS to get hurt.

Thats all i got for now, Have any tricks you have discoverd yourself? Post in the comments below! otherwise, DIAMOND, FAV and SUB!

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07/21/2014 11:29 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Hunter
Helmet_Head's Avatar
i know another fact - this is widely known but for the people that dont know if you make a potion and then add redstone to it back in a brewing stand, it increases the amount of time the potion lasts for once you use it
04/21/2014 5:00 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Da Pie Guy
Da Pie Guy's Avatar
did you know that you can find WILD pink sheep too
01/05/2014 6:46 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Musician
Punkamoar's Avatar
erm, you forgot 4, and your facts are wrong on some of these

If you shear sheep, they can drop up to 5 blocks REGARDLESS if they are dyed or not
01/11/2014 7:11 am
Level 44 : Master Explorer
KaxZuki's Avatar
erm, i know i forgot 4, i got like a thousand comments saying that

and i guess your right about the sheep thing. I just saw that on the internet a while back.
01/11/2014 11:52 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Musician
Punkamoar's Avatar
12/09/2013 9:02 am
Level 41 : Master Unicorn
Ciaber's Avatar
You forgot #4 xD
12/05/2013 4:45 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Explorer
GreatGame456's Avatar
I've heard of something about a secret where you have a chance of the title screen changing so the logo will say Minceraft (C and E swapped)
12/02/2013 10:04 pm
Level 22 : Expert Artist
Skysongbird's Avatar
If you give a zombie villager a golden apple (regular) and give it a splash potion of slowness it will turn into a normal villager
11/23/2013 6:35 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Network
callistokrats's Avatar
Did you know? You can eat potatoes!
P.S. Did you know? EVERYONE WISHES THERE WERE BANANAS IN MINECRAFT (unless made for slapping people)
11/23/2013 7:43 am
Level 38 : Artisan Engineer
Nilstyle's Avatar
Where's number 4? XD No offense, and I'm not really much of a grammar nazi but you typed "big" instead of "pig" XD Which explains this joke VVVVVVVV
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