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Minecraft Slang Terms (Dictionary)

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If you are a bit new to the game of Minecraft you might not know some common slangs used in the game.



Mobs are any monsters or creatures in Minecraft. There are three different kinds of mobs in the game. Passive Mobs are creatures that will NEVER hurt you. Hostile Mobs are creatures in the game that will attack if you're in a close enough range. Creatures such as Endermen, Wolves, and ZombiePigmen will only attack if you attack them. These are known as Neutral Mobs. Endermen will attack if you stare at them as well. ZombiePigmen and Wolves will gang up to kill you if you anger them.


These are players in the game that steal from other players in the game. They could destroy your stuff, kill you, and take your items. If a player were to do that to you, you could say that they were griefing. These players could fortunately banned by the owner or admins in the server that you're in. These players could be considered the "trolls" of Minecraft.


CTM stands for "Complete The Monument". It is a game-mode originally made by Vechs. The player must go through random obstacles in the map to find pieces of dyed wool. Once you find all the wool and place it on the Monument and you are finished with the game. There is an important rule in the game which is that you cannot dye wool or make wool from string.


Spleef is a popular multiplayer game in Minecraft. The player must is in an arena and must try to delete the block underneath them to make them fall in a pit of what is usually lava. The blocks they destroy is usually snow blocks or clay blocks. The player uses shovels to destroy the blocks.There are rules in this game such as you cannot create blocks and you cannot throw the snowballs at people.

Survival Games

This is one of the most popular games in Minecraft. The player must fights other players in the game, there is usually a maximum of 24 Players. The last one standing wins. The players needs to get equipped from chests hidden throughout the map. This game is based off of the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.


A mod is something you install to Minecraft to change how it's played. There are mods that could make additions to Minecraft such as more mobs, tools, or armor, mods that could make the difficulty easier, or even remove features in the game. There are also mods that you can install to improve the performance or FPS (Frames Per Second) of the game such as Optifine. To install mods to the game you could use other programs such as Magic Launcher, 7-Zip, or Win-Rar. Some mods won't require you to use programs but it may be more efficient.


A Plugin is like a mod that you would install to your server. Other players don't have to install the mod to their Minecraft. The owner of the server has to install the plugin into the server.

Vanilla Minecraft

Vanilla is Original Minecraft. No Plugins, or Mods installed into the world or server.


A stack is full amount that a player could hold, which is 64 items in a slot. Snowballs, Eggs, and Enderpearls could be stacked to a maximum of 16. Tools, Armor, and Weapons (except for arrows) cannot be stacked unless using a Minecraft editing program.

Strip Mining

Strip Mining is a method used in the game to find rare ores. The player must mine in a straight line. After they finish mining their first strip they create another strip 2 blocks apart the from the previous one.


Butter in Minecraft refers to anything in the game that is gold. This term is usually used by fans of the youtuber, SkyDoesMinecraft.


Jerry refers to little baby slimes in Minecraft. This term is usually used by fans of the youtuber, CaptainSparkles. He named a slime "Jerry" in his Minecraft Survival Let's Play.


This stands for "Survival Single Player".

This stands for "Survival Multiple Player".

This stands for "Local Area Network".
This is just like an SMP, but when you're playing with others on LAN, you have to be connected to the same router.

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Thank you mate, As a server host this is useful to recommend players too. Diamond + Fave + Sub! (:
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Forgot one of the important ones.MC = Minecraft
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I think they would be able to figure that out.
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Add the term "FPS" and some of the enchant abbreviations (Arthropods aka Bane of Arthropods, Fire aka Fire Aspect, etc)
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I don't think that is very necessary to add.
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