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TNT Run: Tips and Tricks

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What is TNT Run?

TNT Run is a competitive multiplayer game on Hypixel's Server created by the youtubers CraftedMovie, when the game begins every block you step on will dissapear and you must be the last person standing to win. There are multiple floors and you lose when you fall into the void (The last floor).

IP: mc.hypixel.net

WARNING: Lots of blocks will be updated, if you do not have a good computer I recommend that you change your render settings until you get good FPS.


Special Move/Potions


You can activate this by double tapping your "Jump Key".
It's used for jumping high, not jumping far.
The price for DoubleJump increases every time you upgrade it.

Drinkable Speed Potion: -30 Coins

You can activate this by holding down "Right Click"
The Speed effect lasts 03:00 minutes.
This effect gives you +20% speed buff.

Splash Slow Potion: -30 Coins

You can activate this by clicking "Right Click".
Slowness effect lasts 01:07 seconds.
This effect give a -15% slowness debuff.
This is a short ranged attack, throwing it too close could cause you to have the effect too.


Tips and Tricks

- When the game is about to start go to an area with not a lot of players (Usually behind when all the players teleport to the center).

- Run early game, walk late game!

- Avoiding other players is your best bet in this game.

- Try to run/walk in front of other players paths so they will fall into the next layer or the void.

- You can easily jump over two blocks in Minecraft

- Use double jump to find a path if you run out, or to find a safe landing on the next layer.

- Look in front of you and find easy paths.

- Walking instead of running conserves space and doesn't give you as much pressure on where you are going.

- The highest layer is the best place to be, when all the other players fall you don't have to worry as much of people cutting your path.

- Falling a couple of layers does not mean you lose, you still have a good chance of winning as long as you keep going.

- You can say "/lobby" to get out of TNT Run match.


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07/24/2013 12:18 am
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you can randomly stop and if your on the corner of a block, it wont disappear as fast
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